Shelby Chong Plastic Surgery Before and After

Shelby Chong Plastic Surgery is lately being talked by many people because she looks unusual and unnatural. She looks younger than other women in her age do. However, the truth of this rumor is still being debated by her fans and some celebrity plastic surgery watchers since there are not a lot of evidences.

Shelby Chong Before and After Plastic Surgery

Shelby Chong Before and After Plastic Surgery

Did Shelby Chong Have Plastic Surgery?

Shelby Chong who was born on February 1, 1948 is best known as an American comedian and actress. She began stole public attention since she got marriage with a famous Canadian comedian, actor, and musician, Tommy Chong. During her marriage with her husband, she has been blessed with three cute children, Paris Chong, Gilbran Chong, and Precious Chong.

The rumor of Shelby Chong plastic surgery began to arise to public when some people found her with flawless appearance. They more wonder when they know if she had got three children and her age is almost 67 years old. Her face does not have plenty of aging signs like other women’s face do.

Well, if Ms Chong has really been under knife, then big question that often comes to our mind is what kind of plastic surgery procedures she had. In order to answer your curiosity, we would like to do some reviews and then share to you. However, we do not forget to remind you if our review is based on the comparison between Shelby Chong before and after plastic surgery pictures. So, everything can be true or on the contrary wrong.

Shelby Chong Plastic Surgery Before and After

Shelby Chong Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by the before and after photos, we notice that she at least has some awesome beauty enhancements on her face features. Her face skin does not show a lot of wrinkles and sagging skin, but it still appears tight and smooth. We predict that she might get facelift combined with Botox injection like many other 50 year-old actresses do.

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Meanwhile, if we look at Shelby’s eyes, both of her eyes still looks fresh and attractive. She does not have any excessive skin and hanging eyes bag around her eyes. We guess that she possibly got eyelid surgery to relieve some eyes bag under and upper her eyes.

Having plastic surgery in 50-year old age seems to be reasonable and must for most of celebrities in Hollywood even for worldwide celebrities. It is all because attractive appearance is their assets which they have to maintain for everlasting career in entertainment industry.

Shelby Chong apparently understands well about it, therefore she decided to get some cosmetic surgery procedures though she never shares it to public.

In short, Even though the former star of Nice Dreams film has not ever given any statements regarding to spreading rumor. But judging by the before and after photos, some plastic surgery experts do believe if the allegation of Shelby Chong plastic surgery is truly a fact.

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