Shu Qi Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Shu Qi Plastic Surgery is apparently being much talked by Asian celebrity watchers. Some people predict that this Taiwanese actress has got some cosmetic surgery procedures done on her appearance.

However, the truth of the rumor is still being debated among her fans and many celebrity viewers. Most of her fans do believe if the former of model is still natural without any surgery procedures done. But, not a few of people her natural beauty because they found her recent appearance looks much different than she used to.

Shu Qi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Shu Qi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Shu Qi Have Plastic Surgery?

Shu Qi whose real name Lin Li-hui is best known as an actress and model from Taiwan. Her name began stealing public attention since she became a model for Chinese edition of Playboy magazine. Afterwards her name became more popular since she joined into management of Hong Kong film producer Manfred Wong. With her new management, she had signed a lot of movie contracts.

The more she often appears on television, the more people will pay attention everything on her such as fashion, lifestyle, and her appearance.

Lately, some people are talking about the possibilities for her to get plastic surgery. This speculation arose because some people found something unusual on her appearance especially on her face features.

Well, if the rumor of Shu Qi plastic surgery is true, the big question is what kind of plastic surgery that she got? In order to make clear whether she has really been under knife or not, let’s see the following review. However, we do not forget to remind you if the reviews below are just prediction, so everything, wrong or right, can happen.

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Judging by the pictures comparison between Shu Qi before and after plastic surgery, we notice that she does have some changes on her face especially on her nose and eyes. Does it mean that she has got nose job and eyelid surgery? Yes, it can be true.

Shu Qi Plastic Surgery: Nose Job

If we look at her recent appearance, and then we compare to her previous years photos. Her nose appears different. It looks thinner with sharper at the tip. Whereas she previously was best known with her wide and rounded nose shape.

Shu Qi Nose Job Before and After

Shu Qi Nose Job Before and After

Based on the facts of the photos comparison, we guess that the rumor of Shu Qi plastic surgery is obviously true. However, we are also still in doubt if the change on her nose shape may be able to be resulted from makeup illusion. It is all because the difference is very subtle.

Shu Qi Plastic Surgery: Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is not something new and strange anymore for Asian celebrities. Most of them reportedly got Blepharoplasty to widen their small eyes to be wide eyes. Let’s take a look how Won Bin looks after getting the eyelid surgery.

Shu Qi herself seems to take a lot of advantages from her Blepharoplasty surgery, her eyes appears a bit wide as if her Mongolian eyes has disappeared on her appearance.

Even though the rumor of Shu Qi plastic surgery has been much talked by people in various forums, but the actress herself still keeps silent about her beauty enhancements. She does not say anything whenever she is questioned about it.

Over all, The review of Shu Qi plastic surgery above can be true or on the contrary it can be wrong because, once again, the review is based on the comparison between before and after photos. Hence you are free to decide whether the actress of A Beautiful Life film has really got some cosmetic surgery procedures or not.

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