Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Many people seem to be unable to stop talking about Korean plastic surgery. Recently, they are talking about the possibility for Song Joong Ki to get plastic surgery. The rumors began spreading after there are several before and after photos uploaded on internet. Surprisingly, from the pictures comparison show some surprising facts about his appearance.

Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery Before and After

Song Joong Ki Before and After Pictures

Did Song Joong Ki Get Plastic Surgery?

There are so many disputes regarding the rumors of Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery. Some people say that the South Korean actor has really been under knife seeing there are so many Kpop stars that are reported getting plastic surgery. Nonetheless, not a few of his fans insist on that the 30 years old actor’s appearance is still natural without any surgical procedures done. Which one is true?

Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Song Joong Ki Nose Job Before and After

According to some reports which are based on the pictures comparison, the procedures of Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery seemed to include nose job or rhinoplasty. This speculation is based on the shape of his nose which is believed having changed now.

Judging from Song Joong Ki before and after pictures, his nose indeed has changed. It now appears a bit slimmer than before. Nevertheless, I cannot define whether the change is caused by nose job or not because the change is very soft.

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If the rumors of Song Joong Ki plastic surgery, nose job, were true, I strongly believe that he had a plastic surgeon that is very competent so he or she was able to minimize the visible signs of rhinoplasty. What about you? Can you see the difference?

Nose job is indeed one of the most often taken procedures by Korean stars. Let’s take a look at Won Bin Plastic Surgery. He was also reported having rhinoplasty, so that his nose now appears slimmer and more projected than before.

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In short, regardless of whether Song Joong Ki has really had a plastic surgery or not, I personally see that his appearance now looks much more handsome and cooler than previous years. I hope that the rumors are not true because I am afraid if he was really been under knife, he will not look as handsome as now.

  • SeanDgirl

    Nah! I refuse to believe so. Critics will do everything to make it look like it’s true. You know..,this will caught the public eyes and read the articles about this(Just like me.)Regarding Song Joong Ki became a well-known Hallyu Star now. Same with those rising Korean Actors out there. Well, i don’t really know the truth about the other actors or so 100% sure of SJK didn’t under gone nose Job.
    But i’m sorry, i can’t see any difference of SJK’s before and after photos. All i see is he look cute, handsome ever since. Lol i’m a ordinary person, and if i’ll compare my 10-15yr old photo to now? What do you think? Lol

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