South Korean Plastic Surgery Cost and Procedures

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Korean plastic surgery lately steals many public attentions, not only in Asia but even in U.S. It is all may be caused by a report that says if 40% of Koreans have ever been under knife. Even many plastic surgery watchers think that cosmetic surgery in Korea has become a new culture even though there are still many disputes, pros and cons.

One of Korean women who refuse plastic surgery is Ji Yeo who is now based on New York. She is best known as a photographer. Even though she is against to plastic surgery, but she often showcases her works in an exhibition in America. One of her great work entitled “It Will Hurt a Little” which depicts a phenomenon of plastic surgery in Korea

When Ji Yeo was interviewed by one of journalists of Washington Post, she said that the industry of Korean plastic surgery resembles manufacturing. The process is quite fast and very systematic. She also revealed that to get cosmetic surgery in Korea, the patients should have consultation first with a consulting manager and receptionist of the clinics, dealing with the procedures and cost of plastic surgery, before they meet the surgeon. Even she was very shocked when she knew that the staffs of the clinics are as the example of procedures of plastic surgery in the clinics where they work.

Well, speaking of Korean plastic surgery does not seem to be inexhaustible. Here I am not going to talk about the results of plastic surgery in Korea, but I prefer to focus on any plastic surgery procedure that is usually taken by the Korean people and how much it costs to perform the cosmetic surgery procedure.

Most Common Procedures of Korean Plastic Surgery

Before knowing further the cost of plastic surgery in Korea, it is good that we know what the procedures are usually taken by the Korean people. Here are some of the Korean plastic surgery procedures that are already considered common by many people.

Double Eyelid Surgery

According to Realself, 50% of Asians especially Koreans are born with small eyes in which the top eyelids have no crease when open. It seems to be the reason why eyelid surgery or it is medically known as blepharoplasty is put as the top of plastic surgery procedures in Korea.

Korean Eyelid Surgery Before and After

Korean Eyelid Surgery Before and After

The Eyelid surgery procedure is to create a natural fold in the eyelid by removing or aligning the skin around the eyelids, so that the thick muscles and adipose tissue around the eyelids are invisible or absent.

V-Line Surgery

It is an undeniable fact anymore if almost Koreans have wide or U-face line. Therefore, they usually take this procedure, Jaw line reduction to gain the ideal V-line face.

V-Line Surgery In Korea Before and After

V-Line Surgery In Korea Before and After

Credit Picture: grandsurgery

The procedure is done by cutting the mandibleis while the bone is removed. Then, the remaining bone will be repositioned or aligned and be stabilized.

Korean Nose Jobs

It is also a physical fact that most of Korean people have small nose and it apparently makes them feel uncomfortable and insecure. Hence, they take a rhinoplasty surgery or nose job to reshape their nose shape in order to look beautiful and high like western nose.

Korean Nose Jobs Before and After

Korean Nose Jobs Before and After

The procedure is done through narrowing the nasal bridge and repositioning the nostrils, so that the shape of the nose will appear symmetric and be more proportioned with other face features.

Forehead Augmentation

Korean Forehead Augmentation Before and After

Korean Forehead Augmentation Before and After

This surgical procedure is done by inserting an implant or fat grafting which is aimed to make the forehead lines and ridges are absent. The final result of this cosmetic surgery is to make the appearance will be more attractive and beautiful than before surgery.

Chin Augmentation

The procedure of this cosmetic surgery is performed by removing the fascia from the front chin then inserting implants or other fillers into the chin. The aim of chin augmentation is to make the appearance look more angular.

Korean Chin Augmentation Before and After

Korean Chin Augmentation Before and After

Chin surgery is usually taken alongside a nose job in order that among other facial features look balance and perfect.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Korean Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure

Korean Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure

Hair transplant surgery is divided into two types: hair restoration and hairline correction. This cosmetic surgery is purposed to the people whose hair loss and for those people who want to reconfigure the hairline. Both hair restoration and hairline correction have different design process.

Cosmetic Dental Surgery or Teeth Capping

It is believed that teeth become one of the most aesthetic parts of the appearance. Having beautiful teeth will make other impressed.

Korean Cosmetic Dental Surgery Before and After

Korean Cosmetic Dental Surgery Before and After

One of the best ways to make the teeth beautiful is through cosmetic dental surgery or it is usually known as teeth capping. This surgical procedure is claimed as plastic surgery procedure which has less recovery time than other surgical procedure.

Those are most common procedures of Korean plastic surgery. There are still many other surgical procedures in Korea, but they are rarely taken. It may be based on the needs.

Considering getting plastic surgery in Korea? Note and keep in mind about the cost! The following is the detail information about Korean plastic surgery cost.

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost In Korea

Plastic surgery cost is very relative. It depends on many aspects like location, cosmetic surgery clinics, surgeon’s experience, procedure of plastic surgery, and the equipments of beauty surgery. Likewise also the cost of plastic surgery in Korea, it depends on many factors. The following picture is Korean plastic surgery cost in general.

Korean Plastic Surgery Cost In General

Korean Plastic Surgery Cost In General

Credict Image: seoultouchup

Well, we at least have known about the most common procedure of plastic surgery and its cost. But, before deciding to get cosmetic surgery in Korea, it is suggested to plan and prepare well about all aspects such as budget, mentality (if something gone wrong), and of course how much do you need plastic surgery.

The good news about Korean Plastic surgery has indeed been spreading around the world, but there is other plastic surgery destination in Asia that you may consider and insert to the list of your cosmetic surgery travel namely “Plastic Surgery Singapore

Both Korean plastic surgery and Singapore almost have the same design process for cosmetic surgery. So, you can choose and decide by yourself where will you do your beauty surgery, Korea or Singapore.

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