Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

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The rumor of Steven Tyler plastic surgery lately steals public attention. The lead singer of Aerosmith reportedly got some beauty surgeries to keep his cool and youthful appearance. The big question is “what type of plastic surgery did he have” and “how well is the result”.

The speculation of Steven Tyler cosmetic surgery began spreading since his appearance looks a little bit weird and unnatural. People who see him with different look predict that his appearance is as the result of plastic surgery.

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Procedures

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by before and after pictures, 67 years old man seems to have got facelift, Botox, and also nose job. Let’s identify and analyze whether the speculation is true or not.

The first sign of Steven Tyler plastic surgery can be seen from his facial skin which looks so tight and does not have plenty of wrinkles. It may be as the effect of facelift surgery which was combined with Botox injection.

Steven Tyler Before and After Plastic Surgery

Steven Tyler Before and After Plastic Surgery

Commonly, 67-year-old men will have some aging signs on their face and neck, but it does not seem to apply to Steven Tyler. His face still looks fresh, young, and flawless though it appears a little bit unnatural.

Steven Tyler Nose Job Before and After

Steven Tyler Nose Job Before and After

The second sign of his surgical procedure can be proven through his nose which looks better now. Some of you may not pay attention how his nose looks in previous years especially before the rumor of Steven Tyler nose job spreading. His previous nose looks a bit flat with the bump at the tip. However, it has turned into thinner with more defined tip. It indicates that he could have nose job like what Howard Stern did.

What Is Steven Tyler’s Respond To The Plastic Surgery Rumors?

There may be a lot of celebrities in Hollywood hide their plastic surgery, but Steven Tyler took a different way. He openly admitted that he had been under knife to keep and to enhance his youthful appearance. He told that he had got facial filler injection namely Botox. Even though he had not confessed all the plastic surgery allegations, but we have to appreciate him because he was brave to share his surgical procedures to us unlike many other celebrities did.

In short, aging seems to be frightening thing for most of celebrities in the world. Therefore, there are many of them decide to take some plastic surgery procedures to fight against the aging signs. Steven Tyler is one of the celebrities who tried to keep his youthful look via plastic surgery. As a result, his appearance now looks younger with no many wrinkles on his face.

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