T-ara Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jiyeon Plastic Surgery is recently being hot news in several celebrity magazines in Korea. She reportedly got some plastic surgery procedures since she looks much different than she used to. Nevertheless, the truth of the rumor is still being debated among plastic surgeons.

Many her fans claim that the difference in Jiyeon’s appearance is as the effect of makeup. But, many haters see that the her transformation is due to plastic surgery.

T-ara Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After

T-ara Jiyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Jiyeon Really Have Plastic Surgery?

Park Ji-yeon is not only best known as a singer, but this 21-year old girl is also well known as a model. Some people think that she is a talented girl because she does not only have gold voice, but she also has beautiful appearance. However, there are a lot of people are recently talking about the possibilities for her to get plastic surgery.

The rumors of Jiyeon plastic surgery were first arising when some people saw her with huge different appearance. Since then, they tried to compare between Jiyeon before and after photos. Surprisingly, they indeed found some beauty enhancements in her appearance. After seeing the difference they conlude that she had really been under knife.

Well, if the rumor of Jiyeon plastic surgery is true, the big question for us is what kind of surgery procedures did she have? Based on the comparison between before and after pictures, there are some beauty improvements on her eyes and nose. Well, in order to make clear the rumors, let’s take a look the following review one by one.

Jiyeon Plastic Surgery: Double Eyelid Surgery

The most noticeable change in her appearance, which triggers to cosmetic surgery allegation, is Jiyeon’s eyes. Both of her eyes now looks a bit wide opened than before. It may rarely happen for other Asian girls, who usually have small eyes, turn into girls with wide eyes in young age. Therefore, some people do believe if the model could have been under knife for Korean Eye Plastic Surgery.

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However, the rumor is strongly denied by Jiyeon. She said that she did not have any cosmetic surgery procedures done on her face especially on the eyes as quoted below.

“Everyone used to be in pageants. Jiyeon, do you think that you’re the prettiest? After surgery?” Jiyeon responded, “I didn’t do surgery-… No, I don’t know.”

On the other hand, her fans also ensure the haters that T-ara Jiyeon is still natural without plastic surgery. They say that if some people found her eyes look different, it is all because of the makeup. What about her nose? Did she have a rhinoplasty surgery? Let’s see the following review..!

Jiyeon Plastic Surgery: Nose Job

Judging by the comparison between the pictures before and after plastic surgery, some people see that her nose has changed as well. They think that her new nose is gained through Korean nose job. Look at her new nose in “after” picture, it now looks a bit thinner with much better defined at the tip. It seems to be impossible as the effect of make up.

T-ara Jiyeon Before and After Plastic Surgery

T-ara Jiyeon Before and After Plastic Surgery

Once again, we can not say whether Jiyeon plastic surgery rumor is true or not, but basically we notice that she does have some beauty enhancements on her eyes and nose.

Jiyeon’s metamorphosis is also possible as the effect of makeup because the changes are very subtle, so it is hard for us to determine whether she has really been under knife or not.

Over all, regardless of true or false about Jiyeon plastic surgery, it just waits for the time. If the star of Weekly Idol, a South Korean variety show, really has got some cosmetic surgery procedures done or not, the signs of plastic surgery will be noticeable sooner or later as the time passes.

  • Anti Haters

    If you watching “Happy Together” ep Goddess of Goddess. And if you know her family. You will know she never got plastic surgery. Her face really similar with her mother and her brother. Her eyes look big because eyeliner. And she has high nose since baby.

  • gelare

    She is perfect and beautiful even without surgery and very better than suzy bae with lots of surgeries and make ups

  • Jiyeonmine

    Her nose is big cuz she’s smilling … If u try to smile,u see it

  • jiyeoniiiiiiieeeeeee

    Parang gago to HAHAHAHAHA

    I knew a lot of people and friends (specially me) who doesnt have any eyeslids when young but now they have it. But they never undergo plastic surgery. When I was young, I was often mistaken as a chinese because of my mono eyelids. But now, I got double eyelids and thanks to puberty. But in this case, Jiyeon originally have double eyelids since young, it’s just that the photo used here in comparing was too low so it’s not that detailed. If you looked at Jiyeon’s baby pictures, she have double eyelids.

    And for her nose. Dude, ever heard of contouring? Her nose appeared higher because of makeup. But when you saw a bare face pic of her, it looks like the old pic you’re comparing to now. Also, if you look at Jiyeon’s mom, dad and brother, they all have the same features.

    So I am 100% sure that Jiyeon didnt undergo plastic surgery.

    PS. Even surgeons said that Jiyeon is a natural beauty so your argument is invalid.

  • Anna

    She didn’t. She looks the same, just look at her features. Her nose is natural high since childhood. Without eyeliners her eyes still the same. She only lost weight and fix her teeth and puberty, that’s all.

  • Toni Rose Perona

    Its not true -__-

  • T-ara HATERS

    Jiyeon have a big eyes!!So UGLY.She said she doesnt do any plastic surgery??WTF!!She lied to you!!Dans that who love Jiyeon T-ara,she just lied to her fans because she doesnt want you to know her face.Stupid Jiyeon!!Idiot!!

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