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Nose Job

Beyonce plastic surgery is now being much discussed in various forums. She reportedly got some works done to gain beautiful and sexy appearance.

Public allegations began to spread out since there are plenty of Beyonce before and after plastic surgery pictures uploaded on internet, and those pictures show very noticeable difference that refers to the signs of plastic surgery.

Beyonce Before and After Plastic Surgery

Beyonce Before and After Plastic Surgery

Did Beyonce Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging by the before and after photos, she does have some striking appearance enhancement. She has different breast size, nose shape, lips shape, and many others. All the part of body improvements are likely as the result of plastic surgery procedures.

Public allegations may be very reasonable because Beyonce herself ever gave her mother, Tina Knowles, cosmetic surgery as her mom’s birthday gift. Therefore, she may not be a newcomer anymore for beauty enhancement surgeries.

Nevertheless some people are still wondering about what kinds of Beyonce plastic surgery procedures which she had. As there is no any official statements from the singer. She just keeps silent whenever she was asked by some journalists. Well, if you are still wondering to what typical surgery procedures that she had, let’s keep on reading. Based on the striking difference on some of the parts of her body, here are some possible Beyonce plastic surgery list.

Beyonce Breast Implants

Based on the comparison between before and after photos, she does have very noticeable breast size difference. Beyonce breast size now looks much bigger and fuller than previous years. Normally, the cup size improvements is not obtained naturally by other women. There must be a help from plastic surgeon. Looking at her awesome breast size, we predict that she has been under knife for breast augmentation. If she really got this breast size naturally, it will not be as big as we can see now. But it will grow gradually along with the time of aging.

Beyonce Breast Implants Before and After

Beyonce Breast Implants Before and After

Beyonce Breast Implant Before and After

Beyonce Breast Implant Before and After

Beyonce Breast Implant Before and After

Beyonce Breast Implant Before and After

However, her fans have different thoughts dealing with her breast size improvement. They argue that Beyonce cup size looks bigger because she has got weight gain, so her breast can look bigger than before. Nonetheless some people still insist if this famous singer has got boob job because its size looks unnatural and fake. Even some sources claim that Beyonce breast size has increased from B-cup size to D-cup size.

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter definitely got breast augmentation. Even though her breasts look too big for her body frame, but they are still in normal size. She does not appear to go overboard with her implants.

On the contrary, Dr. Michael Salzhauer is not sure if the daughter of Tina Knowles has been under knife for breast implants, the surgeon thinks that her different cup size is all because she has got weight gain, or it may be caused by push up bra.

Well, she might get either breast implants or natural cup size improvements, but what about her nose? Does it look naturally shaped? or it is just the makeup illusion. Let’s see how Beyonce nose shape now looks..!

Beyonce Nose Job

The other spot from her body that is predicted as the result of plastic surgeon’s work is on her nose shape. Beyonce nose now looks narrower and thinner than she used to. Looking at her different nose shape, we guess that she had got nose job. If it is not gained through a rhinoplasty surgery, it is almost impossible for her to have striking difference on her nose shape. At least her nose shape will not appear too different. But nobody knows the truth, because the singer herself never tells to the public her beauty enhancements. She just stays mum whenever she is asked about the rumor.

Beyonce Nose Job Before and After

Beyonce Nose Job Before and After

Beyonce Nose Job Before and After

Beyonce Nose Job Before and After

If you are still hard to see the difference on her nose, let’s take a look at Beyonce before plastic surgery pictures. Her nose looks bigger and thicker with undefined shape. There is a mound at the tip of her nose. Afterwards, let’s compare to her recent nose shape which looks much better defined with slimmer shape and more straight forward nasal tip.

Looking at the pictures comparison carefully, we also notice that her lips also appear different than previous years. Beyonce lips now look thinner than before, whereas her lips previously appeared thicker and plumped. We predict that she did not only get breast augmentation and nose job for her beauty enhancements, but she has apparently got lips reduction surgery as well.

Beyonce Liposuction

It is the most debatable among her fans and some celebrity plastic surgery viewers.  Beyonce body shape now looks slimmer than before whereas she has just given a birth to her child. She can bring back her ideal weight in very short time. It is almost impossible for other women who have just given birth to their children can get back their ideal weight if they do not have liposuction.

Beyonce Fat Modeling

Beyonce Fat Modeling

Beyonce fat modeling allegation began to spread out to the surface since she had vacation in the beach St Tropez, France, in which she wore bikini that can show up her sexy and slimmer body shape. Although The Fighting Temptations film actress had ideal and sexy body shape, but she apparently forgot that there is lumpiness on her stomach that refers as the liposuction scars.

Over all, In this modern era, the equipment and techniques of plastic surgery are highly advanced. So with advanced and sophisticated techniques, the scars of cosmetic surgery procedures are almost unnoticeable. Hence their appearance can still look as natural as possible. And Beyonce plastic surgery is one of the examples for modern plastic surgery equipments and techniques.

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Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery is lately stealing many public attentions. She reportedly has had some procedures of plastic surgery to improve her appearance. However, what type of the beauty surgery she had still debated among plastic surgeons.

Megyn Marie Kelly who was born on born November 18, 1970 is best known as a journalist and political commentator on the Fox News Channel. In 2014 she was listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. But unfortunately, her career achievements seemed to be a little bit tarnished by the rumors of plastic surgery.

Did Megyn Kelly Have Plastic Surgery

Megyn Kelly

Speculation of Megyn Kelly plastic surgery first appeared and became the talk of many people when some people saw her in one of the television shows in America look a little different than usual. Since then, many people speculate that the beautiful journalist has been getting cosmetic surgery.

According to some plastic surgeons that have not treated Megyn Kelly plastic surgery, the 45-year-old journalist seemed to have had some beauty enhancements around the nose, face skin and breast. They predict that the improvements in the part of her body are as the result of rhinoplasty (nose job), filler injection, and breast augmentation surgery (boob job or breast implant).

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery: Filler Injection or Botox

It is not secret anymore that Botox now becomes one of the procedures of plastic surgery which is most often taken by middle-aged women. It all may be caused by its function which can eliminate the visible aging signs like wrinkles.

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Megyn Kelly Before and After Filler Injection

Megyn Kelly Before and After Filler Injection

Looking at Kelly’s face skin in the age 45 years old, the rumor seems to be true if she has been under knife for Botox injection. The evidence of the allegation is based on her face skin which still appears so smooth without a lot of visible wrinkles. Some people may argue that it is as the effect of makeup. But, if we look closely at her latest picture, her face looks too great for her age.

Commonly, 40 years old women will have some frown lines around their face especially on the forehead, but it does not seem to apply for Megyn Kelly. Her appearance still looks ten years younger. She must have beauty treatments like Botox injections so that her face could still look fresh, smooth and youthful.

Megyn Kelly Nose Job or Rhinopasty

The other surgical procedure which she possibly had is a nose job. Judging from the comparison between Megyn Kelly before and after pictures, her nose now looks much different than the previous nose.

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Megyn Kelly Nose Job

Megyn Kelly Nose Job

Megyn Kelly Nose Job

Megyn Kelly Nose Job

Megyn Kelly nose now looks much better defined than before. Let’s take a look at the “before” picture! Her nose appears misaligned. Afterwards, let’s compare to the latest photo, her nose now appears perfectly aligned with better defined at the tip. The transformation of her nose almost impossible occurs naturally without intervention of plastic surgeon. With a new nose shape Kelly now looks more beautiful even though her age is no longer young. In fact, some plastic surgeons claim that Megyn Kelly nose job was performed as good as Angelina Jolie nose job and Zac Efron nose job.

Megyn Kelly Boob Job or Breast Implant

The most noticeable sign of Megyn Kelly plastic surgery is on her breast which now looks much bigger and fuller than before. Some people who saw this change directly speculate that she has had breast augmentation surgery.

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

For those people who follow her year by year will see the transformation of Megyn Kelly measurements. Let’s see the comparison between before and after pictures! Her breast size in the “before” picture looks smaller than in the “after” picture. Some people might assume that this is the effect of growth. But, try to look closely at the armpit! There is visible scar. This might incision for breast augmentation surgery.

The rumors of Megyn Kelly breast implant brings me back to the speculation of Gisele Bundchen plastic surgery in which she was also reported to have benefited from boob job.

Does Megyn Kelly admit all the allegation of plastic surgery? Until now there has been no official statement from her whether the rumors were true or not, she was still silent even as if she does not care with these allegations.

Conclusion, Regardless of whether Megyn Kendall has really had some cosmetic surgery procedures done or not, her appearance indeed still looks great even more beautiful for a 45-year-old woman. However, if the rumor of Megyn Kelly plastic surgery was true, she could be listed as one of the example of good plastic surgery.

What do you think about Kelly’s ageless look? Does she look like having some works done on her face, nose and breast? Feel free to share this post if you find something interesting in it!

Watch Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Video

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Born Kimberley Noel Kardashian, Kim Kardashian (or simply Kim K) is one of the celebrities who make news with any chance she gets.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

There are not many people who became a celebrity along with the whole of the family, even have their own television show. Kim Kadarshian and her family are starring their own television show, ‘Keeping Up with the Kadarshian’, which is recording their daily life 24/7. Like any other celebrities, being in such limelight demands Kim to maintain her appearance and shows only her best to public. She has been accused to have had some plastic surgery. By comparing the old photo of her in the beginning of her career with the recent ones, can be enough evidence to proof that there are some enhancement on her face and body part. Some procedures such as rhinoplasty, cheek implant, Botox, breast implant, liposuction, and butt implant are believed to be done by her.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Kim Kardashian Have Plastic Surgery?

The nose appearance on the wife of rapper Kanye West looks thinner and slimmer than before. It triggers the allegation of rhinoplasty surgery. Her cheeks also look full, either the result of putting implant in it or the effect of skillful make up. Her skin face looks ageless without any wrinkle and line. Kim has admitted that she has done Botox to get her current look. Even if it looks a bit frozen and artificial but it does not ruin her Armenian American faces.

Kim Kardashian Breast Implants Before and After

Kim Kardashian Breast Implants Before and After

Kim also alleged to have had breast implant. Her bust became overly big and does not look natural. It does not suit with her 50 pound loss of weight, which is the effect of a liposuction. Kim has denied the procedure and stated that it the result of her low-carb diet. She also denied the butt implant and even proved it on one episode of her show that there is not any implant on her butt under the x ray.

Kim Kardashian Butt Implant Before and After

Kim Kardashian Butt Implant Before and After


Many people regret her journeys under the knife. The star is already beautiful and does not need any plastic procedure. They also regret Kim’s decision to just admit the Botox procedure and deny the rest. She even tried to fool the public with scanning her butt in front many people in her show. She might be forgotten that natural implant would not be appeared on the x ray scanner.

The Start of a New Dawn in Beauty

If the pictures of Kim Kardashian’s before and after looks do not convince one that plastic surgery has taken off, one needs to look at what the rest of the industry is doing with very young celebrities going for plastic surgery to find new looks they think will fit them better. Even Kim’s own sister Khloe has gone for plastic surgery on various parts of her body including expanding her backside like her sister Kim has done.

A New Thriving Beauty Industry

What Kim Kardashian has done to her body may have made her curvier and more appealing; it compares little to what other celebrities have done to their bodies in the past. Kim has been lucky that today’s plastic surgeons have perfected their skills so much that surgeries are safe and do not lead to deaths and deformities like it was in the past. Her good fortunes also serve her well given that she can afford the best surgeons in the industry compared to other people who have poorer financial statuses.

Keeping it Safe

Lots of stories on the web serve both as inspirations but (mostly) as cautionary tales to people who think that going for plastic surgery will make them look better and thus live a happier life. The cases of Jocelyn Wildenstein and Pete Burns have for a while now been used as cautions against going for certain types of surgeries. Although plastic surgeons have greatly improved their skills in terms of the safety and levels of perfection, the surgery still has many risks which require a lot of research to avoid the disasters which have occurred in the past. So much for beauty.

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Many people wonder when they see the latest appearance of Nicki Minaj. She has changed a lot.  Her appearance now looks like a Barbie. Looking at her appearance makes many people wonder if she has been under knife for some changes on her appearance. Even some people think that she intentionally changed her appearance like Barbie in order to be famous. Since she changed her appearance, many people more believe if she had got some cosmetic surgery procedures for her Barbie appearance. But she strongly denied the allegations. She told that her appearance was made by her professional makeup team.

Nicki Minaj Nose Job Before and After

Nicki Minaj Nose Job Before and After

Did Nicki Minaj Ever Gets Plastic Surgery?

Nicki Minaj may deny all plastic surgery rumors, But looking at her appearance that changed so drastically, it seems to be unreasonable if it was made by her makeup team. If she was really under knife, so what typical plastic surgery procedures did she get? Here are some possible surgical procedures which she might get. Let’s see..!!

Nicki Minaj Nose Job

Starship singer reportedly got rhinoplasty surgery in the last 2013. Let’s see Nicki Minaj before and after photos. Based on the pictures comparison, it is clearly visible how the comparison of Nicki Minaj’s nose. It has changed drastically. Her nose now looks smaller with more pointed at the tip than she used to. However she denied if her nose change was resulted from nose job.

Nicki Minaj Boob Job (Breast Implants or Breast Augmentation

Nicki Minaj Breast Implants Before and After

Nicki Minaj Breast Implants Before and After

Once again, Nicki Minaj is not only rumored to have got nose surgery, but she is also rumored to get other beauty enhancement through plastic surgery procedures. It is breast implant. Nicki Minaj’s breast size seems to increase so drastically. Looking at her new cup size, it seems that she got the implant well done, so that her breast size can look bigger than before. As the result, her appearance now looks sexier than before. With new breast appearance, Nicki Minaj looks less tomboyish and has been transformed to sexy mature woman.

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery: Butt implant

Nicki minaj Butt Implant

Nicki minaj Butt Implant

Those who have watched her clip Anaconda must be believed that Nicki Minaj has butt augmentation too. Her butt look unnaturally big and round. It is clearly noticeable in her Anaconda clip.

In short, Nicki Minaj may deny all plastic surgery allegations, but looking at her appearance today and compared with her previous years appearance, it has been clear that she indeed has got plastic surgery procedures don on the parts of her body such as nose, breast, and butt.

Becoming a Star

Owing to the number of surgeries Nicki Minaj must have undergone, the costs must have been through the roof. Although other celebrities have spent as much as $4 million on their surgeries, Nicki Minaj must have spent a fortune on her looks. People like Jocelyn Wildstein have admitted to having used at least $4 million on their face alone. Although Minaj denies having had any reconstructive surgery, the world knows that she must have felt the dent in her bank account before achieving the look of the Barbie doll that she is.

The Trends in Hollywood

The entertainment industry has put a lot of pressure on the fashion standards in such a way that people think having the biggest butt or the most perfect features of the face makes them the most popular and even better stars. The surgeries performed on Nicki’s body are nothing new to come by. As a matter of fact, a large number of the celebrities in Hollywood have features which will make one wonder how perfect they are. The thing is that it is the work of plastic surgery.

The future

Plastic surgery is no longer a reserve for women who want bigger bottoms and busts or noses with better shapes. It began as surgery for correcting people who could have lost certain parts of their skin such as through an accident or fire. However, when people discovered that it could be used to change the way they look, the resorted to misusing it for many another purpose such as changing their look even without having has injuries. As the surgery becomes cheaper and safer, the number of those willing to improve their looks with the surgeon’s scalpel will only increase by the day.

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Kim Kardashian Nose Job Before And After

There is no end in talking about this Hollywood star, Kimberly Noel Kardashian or mostly known as Kim Kardashian. She is one of the most famous celebrities in the world. Everything she does will gain the public’s attention.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Born in 1980, Kim gained the first public attention with the leakage of her 2003 sex video tape with her rapper boyfriend, Ray J, on 2007. Later, she and her family started to make their own reality show called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and bring a big success. It is being aired since then until now and has several spin-offs.

As she became famous, there are many improvements on her looks. The wife of Kanye West used to have wide nose with droopy tip. But now, her nose looks narrower. The tip looks higher showing wider space between the lips and the nose than before. Her pointy nose also looks reduced, give a shorter nose look. Kim Kardashian nose job goes pretty well and makes her prettier.

Even if hers and her family daily activity become public consuming, Kim has not always openly about her beauty secret. The mother of North West still keeps silent. But looking at her significantly changing appearance has made public believe that the Kim Kardashian nose job is already done without waiting for her clarification.

One way she makes news is through her beauty which many who knew her before stardom know has been the result of plastic surgery in many areas of her body. Kim Kardashian’ nose job is one of those most known editions she made of herself. Looking at Kim Kardashian before and after her nose job reveals that she underwent the scalpel to make her look better.

Kim Kardashian Nose Job Before and After

Kim Kardashian Nose Job Before and After

The latest controversial was her “Breaking the Internet” photo which shows her naked oily body showing her enormous butt. The photo was used as the cover of Paper magazines and become public laughing stock by turning it into memes. Public believe that every part of the actress’ body is fake and has been touched by the doctor’s knife. If we would like to talk about all of plastic surgery procedures she had, it won’t enough to read in a day. In this article, we will focus about Kim Kardashian nose job.

Was it Fame?

A look at Kim Kardashian’s nose before and after the nose job will show two almost different girls. Depending on one’s preference, they are both beautiful. However, one can argue that Kim Kardashian’s nose job took away a part of her beauty. Previously, she looked like a good natural girl with a full face. Even without the nose job, she was more natural and seemingly healthier than what she became afterward. All the same, she is still a beautiful lady to behold.

Or Being Ashamed of Herself?

Kim Kardashian’s nose seemed to be a little bit hooked although not too much as she might have thought. In fact, she seemed more of a natural beauty than the edited girl she became just for the cameras. A simple look at Kim Kardashian before and after the nose job reveals that she became more confident afterward. It could be that she was ashamed of who she had been before all the glamor and nose job. For the most part, her pictures before the nose job were those of a shy girl who could not look at the camera straight. The later Kim courageously looks at the camera in all her pictures.

Did Kim Kardashian Have a Nose Job?

Kim Kardashian Rhinoplasty Surgery

Kim Kardashian Rhinoplasty Surgery

Seeking Stardom

Kim Kardashian’s nose might be the hot topic at the moment and, while looking at what she did to it reveals an evident change, the only reason behind her action was to seek stardom. As a celebrity known for seeking all the attention she can get, Kim can do anything to draw people’s attention her way. Indeed, after having the nose job done, the phrase ‘Kim Kardashian before and after’ was among the most searched phrases on the internet. Again, she had managed to hog some more attention and made everyone look her way to know what she was up to.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Living in Denial

It may have attracted a lot of attention on the internet and the celebrity circles, but Kim Kardashian’s nose and what she did to it remains a fact she denies herself. Kim Kardashian’s nose job, although clear as day, has been something she casually brushes off and calls rumors. Once, when asked about the differences in her looks, she said that she agrees that her nose looked smaller now but does not recall having had a nose job. Well, it is akin to agreeing that your smaller brother looks bigger, but deny that he has not grown. What else can reduce a nose if not a nose job?

Setting the Pace

As a celebrity known for antics more than any other skills in her life, Kim knows what it takes to remain relevant even without being cast in a blockbuster movie or releasing a top tune for us to dance to. Kim Kardashian’s nose job (besides her other surgeries) have been seen as the way to getting ahead in Hollywood and other top life social circles. Many celebrities (and those who want to be celebrities too) have seen the act of getting plastic surgery done to their bodies as the norm or, to some, a necessity to get ahead.


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Joan Van Ark is now more than 70 years old. Much more has been said about Joan Van Ark plastic surgery as if she had no right to try to enhance her beauty. Of course, not everybody gets it right. Either she had too much of it, or she had a bad surgeon.

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Before and After                                                                 Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Before and After

Anyway, Joan is not just about Plastic Surgery. In fact, she is a talented actress who contributed to the Knots and Landing soap opera success for over a decade. That is something Joan Van Ark plastic surgery cannot take away from her. She is got talent, and she has been recognized for it.

The beginnings of Joan Van Ark in Theater

The early days of Joan’s acting career were in the theater. You could read the name Joan Van Ark at the Guthrie Theater when Molière produced a 5-act comedy starred by Joan: the Miser. After that, Death of a Salesman was played by her at the same theater.

A path to Broadway

The National Touring Company recruited Joan as part of the cast of Barefoot in the Park. It was directed by Nichols that eventually made it to Broadway. Joan’s role was one of the most acclaimed by critics, and she arrived in New York with the highest expectations.

The name of Joan Van Ark conquered Hollywood in 1971 when she played The School for Wives. She earned the Theatre World Award for her acting job on this play and received a Tony nomination. Life was shining for Joan, and she took a step forward to move from theaters and plays to movies and TV shows.

The First Plastic Surgery

It is not clear where exactly started Joan Van Ark plastic surgery. She spent 14 years playing Valene Ewing at the soap opera Knots Landing that was a spin-off of a previous job on the series Dallas. It was so successful that it aired more than 300 episodes.

At some point of her journey as Valene, Joan started to go under surgeries to recover her youth. Then, it was all lost. Read our next post to know the details of all the operations that Joan has suffered over the years. You will know what went wrong and how her once beautiful face changed to be an expressionless mannequin.

Joan Van Ark plastic Surgery is lately being hot topic of discussion among celebrity plastic surgery viewers. She reportedly got plastic surgery gone wrong that makes her appearance looks unnatural even weird and horrible. She has changed from a pretty and sweet woman to an unrecognizable woman. Her appearance has changed lots even it is almost unrecognizable.

Did Joan Van Ark Get Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

In her 71 years old, Joan Van Ark should realize that being old is the destiny. But being beautiful in the past makes her hard to realize about it. Afraid of getting older, she might get plastic surgery procedures to prevent and eliminate the aging signs. But unfortunately,  instead of getting better and younger, she even looks worse. Well, if Joan Van Ark has got plastic surgery wrong, what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures that have made her appearance look in such way.

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Pictures

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Pictures

Joan Van Ark Nose Job

The first plastic surgery procedure that she might get is a rhinoplasty surgery. It can be proven from her new nose shape that looks very thin. Unfortunately Joan Van Ark nose job is apparently overdone so that her nose now looks unnatural and does not meet to her face features. Her nose now looks too small with cramped nostril as if she got difficulties to breath.

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery: Cheek Implant

Afraid of having shaggy cheek, Joan Van Ark reportedly got cheek implant surgery. This cosmetic surgery is aimed add extra volume inside her cheek so that her cheek appears fuller and tougher.

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

The other plastic surgery procedure that she might get is Botox injection. It can be seen from her face skin which looks so flawless, smooth, and tight for her 71-years-old-age. As result her appearance does not look better, but it even looks unnatural and weird.

Looking at her unnatural face appearance, some people predict that she might get too much Botox injection so that her face now looks frozen and melted with no any expression lines. Her forehead also looks so toned with very arched eyebrow as the indication of the use injectable filler on her glabela area.

In short, Joan Van Ark indeed looks unnatural, but it has to be notted that she is not the only actress who reportedly got bad plastic surgery. There are many celebrities like Delta Burke and Maria Shriver have reportedly got plastic surgery gone wrong too. Both of their appearance looks unnatural and even weird after being under knife. Nevertheless we hope that the former star Knots Landing may get better soon.

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A plastic surgery is not something new anymore and it sounds normal for world class celebrities. It can be seen from so many news of celebrities who are reported having a cosmetic surgery to keep and to enhance their physical appearance. However, not all of them are brave to confess their surgery.

The followings are the list of celebrities who are reported undergoing some plastic surgery procedures. Some might have admitted it, but not a few of them hide their surgeries even though there are so many before and after pictures talk themselves. Who are they? Let’s check them out below!


Kim Kardashian is often rumored to undergo some procedures of cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance. Some people even call her as the queen of plastic surgery even though she often denies it.

Nonetheless, judging by before and after pictures some viewers see that the appearance of Kanye West’s wife has changed a lot, which is believed as the result of cosmetic surgery.

The followings are two of Kim Kardashian before and after photos that were often used as evidence of her beauty surgery.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After Kim Kardashian
Celebrity Before and After Plastic Surgery


At the beginning of her career with the group band Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham was reported undergoing a boob job (breast implant) to make her breasts size bigger (34DD). However, the singer-who turned into designer- seemed to feel uncomfortable with her 34DD cup size, it was too large and did not fit with the shape of her body. Then, she decided to get second boob job to minimize her breast became 34B.

The latest rumor say that her boobs are diminished again. It sparks the rumor that she may get other boob job again to make her breast size look natural, not too big.

The followings are the pictures of Victoria Beckham before and after which are believed as the evidence of her cosmetic surgery, boob job.

Celebrities with Plastic Surgery Victoria Beckham

Celebrities Plastic Surgery Victoria Beckham


Megan Fox is also claimed as one of the celebrities who denied having a plastic surgery. As what has been reported by one of well known tabloid, the star of  ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘ is rumored to have had some work done on her face. She is even reported having spent $60000 for her surgical procedures.

Based on before and after photos, her face has indeed changed from the nose, lips, eyebrows, till the shape of her cheeks. All of them are reported having changed due to plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Celebrities Megan Fox


In an interview at Golden Globes 2002, Kate Hudson claimed that she was proud with her small boobs. She told that having a small cup size made her feel happy because she could look elegant using a cloth with low cleavage.

However, a lot of viewers see that Kate Hudson breast size now looks bigger and fuller than before. Does she have a boob job done? You can see the picture below and decide by yourself whether she has been under knife or not.

Celebrities Who Had Plastic Surgery

At the begining of her career she appears with small breast. While in the recent picture she looks sexier with big and full boobs size.


At the beginning of her professional career Kelly Rowland had small and flat breast. But, now her boobs look much bigger and fuller. The change of Kelly Rowland’s boobs is certainly not a miracle.

Kelly Rowland Before And After Plastic Surgery

Looking at her breast transformation, some viewers predict that the former of Destiny’s Child personel might have a breast augmentation surgery. They also see with big and full cup size, she looks more confidence and makes her easily find nice clothing.


Iggy Azalea told openly that she had a plastic surgery, boob job, to enhance her boobs as what it has been quoted by eonline.com.

“I think, in 2016, people should be more accepting of the fact that both famous and non-famous women are having cosmetic procedures,” she told the publication. “That’s just the reality. And I think more people need to admit that s–t so it doesn’t have to be so taboo—because we’re all doing it anyway.”

The following is the picture that shows Iggy Azalea’s transformation. Let’s check this out!

Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery Iggy Azalea


The star of reality show ‘Jersey Shore’, Nicole, who is best known as Snooki, recently shows her new lips in Instagram after getting lips injection. She seems to feel proud and happy with her new look.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Snooki
Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

Besides getting lip augmentation, Snooki is also rumored having a liposuction so her weight is shrinking.


Kylie Jenner feels insecure with the appearance of thin lips. That is what she revealed to media as the reason why she decided to get plastic surgery. Even though she ever denied it, but finally Kylie telling the truth in TV reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’.

Plastic Surgery Celebrity Kylie Jenner


The little sister of Lindsay Lohan, Ali Lohan is also rumored undergoing a botox injection even when her age is still 17 years old exactly in 2011.

Ali Lohan Celebrities That Had Plastic Surgery

Although the rumors remain unconfirmed, the change is clearly seen on her face. Dr Gary Alter, a plastic surgeon, told as it was reported by radaronline.com, her face seemed to look different and it might be as the effect of using botox on her forehead. The surgeon reviews is based on her eyebrows which now look a little bit lifted than before.

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Suzy Bae plastic surgery rumors might have been annoying the actress because a lot of viewers seem never stop talking about the speculation whether she had a cosmetic surgery or not.

Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery Pictures

It is not denied anymore that the former star of  KBS2 TV series Dream High has been blessed with beautiful face. Even, she was was deemed as one of the most beautiful South Korean actress ever.

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However, recently some sources like celebrity magazine in Korea claimed that her beauty is not natural, but she was helped by a plastic surgeon to enhance her appearance as what we can see now. Did Suzy Bae have a plastic surgery?

Well, before answering the question whether the rumors of Suzy Bae plastic surgery are true or not, let’s see the comparison between before and after pictures below!

Suzy Bae Pictures Before and After

We believe that there are many viewers have done extensive research to know whether the speculations of  Suzy Bae plastic surgery are true or not by uncovering older pictures then comparing with the recent one. Here are some before and after pictures which are claimed as the evidence if Bae Su-ji has had some procedures of cosmetic surgery done.

Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery Before and After

Can you see the difference? Yes, Suzy Bae’s nose looks different each other, before and after. Some her fans may claim that her nose has been looking nice since her debut career. It means that her nose shape is natural without rhinoplasty.

However, some viewers see that her nose has changed a bit smaller and more projected than before. They believe that it was as the result of nose job. What about your reviews?

Besides nose job, Suzy Bae was also rumored having double eyelid surgery too as what has been done by other Korean celebrities.

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Judging by before and after pictures, her eyes now appear wide opened than Suzy Bae pre debut. Look at the pictures below!

Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelid Surgery

Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelid Surgery

Look at her eyes closely! In the “before” photo, her eyes still appear small, but in the “after” picture, she appears with wide eyes. Is it the effect of makeup or camera? A lot of viewers believe that she indeed has been under knife to widen and to improve the shape of her eyes.

Well, the big question is “what is Suzy Bae’s response” toward the spreading speculations? Did she admit them or denied them like what Korean stars often did?

In press conference of the new film Invincible Youth Season 2, Miss A’s Suzy was asked by some journalists about the rumors of plastic surgery, she openly admitted that she had a plastic surgery done. However, she did not clearly say what kind of beauty surgery she had done.

“I got a cosmetic procedure on one of my body parts, after a fellow celebrity recommended it. But after the surgery, it looked pretty obvious that I got it, so I lost a lot of my confidence.” Suzy followed up by saying, “I also touched (with plastic surgery) the same part of my body. But it should get better soon.” She also said she has an “appearance complex,” saying, “I have a lot of thin hair, and my ugly forehead is a big problem.”

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In short, plastic surgery is socially acceptable in South Korea. Even a reputable source claimed that 40% of Koreans have ever been under knife. So, Suzy Bae plastic surgery may not be the only one, there are still many Korean celebrity plastic surgeries which are still unconfirmed.

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If you are fans of New York film, I am sure that you are familiar with one of the stars of the film. She is Katrina Kaif. She recently becomes trending topic in several forums and social media. She reportedly has had some procedures of plastic surgery after some people see that her appearance looks a little bit different than she used to.

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

However, the truth of Katrina Kaif plastic surgery rumors is still debated because there are still not any official statements whether she has really been under knife or not. Nonetheless, it does not reduce the people’s attention to talk about the rumors and guess what surgical procedures she had.

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Before discussing further whether the speculations of Katrina Kaif plastic surgery are true or not, let’s see first the following pictures!

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Before and After Images

Well, can you see the difference from the comparison between before and after images above?

From comparison of Katrina Kaif plastic surgery pics above, some people see that she at least has three changes on her appearance such as nose, lips and cheeks. Now, let’s review one by one together!

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Lips and Cheeks

The first part of her face features which is believed as the result of plastic surgery is the lips. People see that Katrina Kaif’s lips now look more plumped and juicy than before. It is believed as the sign of lips filler injection. See the pictures below!

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Lips Before and After

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Lips Before and After

On the other hand, if we pay attention carefully, her cheeks also still appear full and high. She does not seem having saggy cheek as the natural process of aging like other women in her age do.

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Pics

Seeing Katrina Kaif’s cheeks, some people predict that she does not seem to only get filler injection into her lips, but she might get this injectable filler into her cheeks as well. They think the use of filler injection in her cheeks is aimed to keep her ageless appearance. But, nobody knows exactly.

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Nose (Nose Job)

The other sign of Katrina Kaif plastic surgery can be seen from the shape of her nose. People see that her nose now looks a little bit different than she used to. They claim that her nose now appears thinner than before. They believe that it must be as the result of rhinoplasty or nose job.

To see whether the rumors of Katrina Kaif Plastic surgery nose is true or not, let’s take a look at the following pictures!

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Nose Before and After Photos

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Nose

Can you see the changes between before and after surgery? From the comparison of Katrina Kaif plastic surgery before and after images above, it is very clear that in the “before” pictures, her nose still looks a bit wide with a bump at the tip. But, if we see in the “after” pics, the bump at the tip seems to be eliminated and the nasal bridge is apparently narrowed.

The change of Katrina Kaif’s nose is indeed very soft, but it looks very unnatural. Many people believe that it is as the result of nose job.

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What is the response of Katrina Kaif about the rumors of her plastic surgery? Did she admit all these allegations? Until now, there is still no official statement from her whether she really gets cosmetic surgery or not. She still keeps her beauty secrets tightly.

The rumors of Katrina Kaif plastic surgery remind us of the other Bollywood stars’ surgery like Priyanka Chopra nose job. She was also accused of having nose surgery like Katrina Turquotte to refine the shape of her nose.

What do you think of Katrina Kaif’s transformation? Do you believe she has really been under knife? Feel free to share this post and give your reviews in the available comments box if you find somethin interesting in it!

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Many people seem to be unable to stop talking about Korean plastic surgery. Recently, they are talking about the possibility for Song Joong Ki to get plastic surgery. The rumors began spreading after there are several before and after photos uploaded on internet. Surprisingly, from the pictures comparison show some surprising facts about his appearance.

Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery Before and After

Song Joong Ki Before and After Pictures

Did Song Joong Ki Get Plastic Surgery?

There are so many disputes regarding the rumors of Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery. Some people say that the South Korean actor has really been under knife seeing there are so many Kpop stars that are reported getting plastic surgery. Nonetheless, not a few of his fans insist on that the 30 years old actor’s appearance is still natural without any surgical procedures done. Which one is true?

Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Song Joong Ki Nose Job Before and After

According to some reports which are based on the pictures comparison, the procedures of Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery seemed to include nose job or rhinoplasty. This speculation is based on the shape of his nose which is believed having changed now.

Judging from Song Joong Ki before and after pictures, his nose indeed has changed. It now appears a bit slimmer than before. Nevertheless, I cannot define whether the change is caused by nose job or not because the change is very soft.

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If the rumors of Song Joong Ki plastic surgery, nose job, were true, I strongly believe that he had a plastic surgeon that is very competent so he or she was able to minimize the visible signs of rhinoplasty. What about you? Can you see the difference?

Nose job is indeed one of the most often taken procedures by Korean stars. Let’s take a look at Won Bin Plastic Surgery. He was also reported having rhinoplasty, so that his nose now appears slimmer and more projected than before.

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In short, regardless of whether Song Joong Ki has really had a plastic surgery or not, I personally see that his appearance now looks much more handsome and cooler than previous years. I hope that the rumors are not true because I am afraid if he was really been under knife, he will not look as handsome as now.

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