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roma downey plastic surgery

Did Roma Downey Go for Plastic Surgery?

Roma Downey Plastic Surgery

Roma Downey Plastic Surgery

Roma Downey looks really good at 53. In fact, she looks better than a lot of women in their 30s. There are many speculations on the reasons for that though. Some think it’s the good genes. Others assume that she opts for a lot of plastic surgery.

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But a little overview first. Roma Downey is an Irish actress and producer, having earned a lot of fame in the celebrity world. Some of her few artsy ventures include BibleSon of GodTouched. Thus, with her degree of fame, it’s obvious that her looks will matter a lot to her followers. Plastic surgery may be a part of her career as a result.

And you know what? She does do plastic surgery often. Some include a facelift, injections, and Botox rumors.

The speculations may be true, especially since she seems to lack signs of aging. We can’t see any saggy skin or wrinkles on her. If you want an example of what we mean, simply check out her appearance at 2013 “Most Influential People” ceremony.

She tries her best not to look like a 53 year old woman.

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A lot of gossip websites claim that she may have been dealing with a lot plastic surgery. A few of her photos of past years do show some signs of aging. Thus, it would be odd for her to show up with a face that doesn’t look like its aging.

So we can safely say that it’s not her genes. It’s the plastic surgery.

She seems to have received successful plastic surgery procedures though. We guess she managed to find a surgeon with expertise in creating immaculate looks. That surgeon didn’t mess up, like with a lot of celebrity cases.

The Effect of the Surgery?

Roma Downey After Plastic Surgery

Roma Downey After Plastic Surgery

Times change, but apparently, Roma’s looks keep improving.

We don’t think they’ll ever get her to a youthful look, but at the very least, Roma sees plastic surgery as necessary to eliminate signs of aging. Again, you’ll see the significant changes in her looks through her before and after photos. Her wrinkles and frown lines are gone, and she doesn’t seem to have face lines.

Roma Downey Before and After Plastic Surgery

Roma Downey Before and After Plastic Surgery

It’s not just the surgery that gives Roma her anti-aging look. She’s also done a face lift and used Botox to for the help. Rumors are circulating that she had Botox done a few times to reach her desired image. We can’t find any information on that though.

It might be the lighting and makeup that help, instead of the Botox.

Final Verdict.

As a final verdict, we want to congratulate Roma. Her surgery seems to have been a success. She hasn’t overdone surgery to the point of addiction. We’re happy to see that she’s only doing enough to eliminate aging.

She looks amazing and classy that way.

So what do You Think?

She’s aging gracefully, that’s for sure. This is something a lot of stars should strive for. It’s a shame that a lot have ruined their looks through excess plastic surgery.

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