The Secret Behind Andrea Mitchell Facelift

During her professional career in extensive broadcasting, Andrea Mitchell facelift has been well noted. This can be proved through how she appears in her 68-year-old age. She can still look awesome with wrinkle-free.

Andrea Mitchell who was born on October 30, 1946 has been listed as one of American senior journalist and news anchor. She currently lives in Washington, DC and is working as a commentator for NBC.

In 2005, she had made some controversy reports especially when she was interviewing Sudanese President Omar el-Bashir, in which she was asking “Why should Americans believe your promises?”

Andrea Mitchell Facelift

Andrea Mitchell Facelift

However, the controversy that she created is not only dealing with the news report, but lately many people believe that she has been getting plastic surgery to maintain a youthful appearance.

Nonetheless the extent to which the truth of the rumors of Andrea Mitchell plastic surgery is still debated many plastic surgery experts.

Has Andrea Mitchell Had Plastic Surgery?

The rumor of Andrea Mitchell facelift first emerged into the public since some people look at her appearance, especially the skin of her face did not change much, whereas she was already not young anymore, 62-year-old.

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Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Even not a few of people claim that she does not only have facelift, but she apparently has been under knife for Botox or Restylane injections as well. They ensure that having facelift surgery will not complete if it is not supported by filler injection.

What they claim seems to be well-founded because the main aim of facelift is to make a face skin appears tight. Meanwhile to refine the skin, it needs facial filler injection like Botox. As result, Andrea Mitchell’s appearance now looks so flawless without plenty of wrinkles.

Andrea Mitchell Before and After Plastic Surgery

Andrea Mitchell Before and After Plastic Surgery

Although a lot of people have claimed if the rumor of Andrea Mitchell facelift is true, but there is not quite enough evidence that she has really got plastic surgery. Moreover, the senior news anchor herself never gives any statements regarding whether she has been under knife or not. So, no wonder if this rumor has been always floating and becoming hot topic of discussion among plastic surgeons.

It is not deniable anymore if there are a lot of Hollywood celebrities reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures done. But, what we see on Andrea Mitchell’s case, there are plenty of disputes. Most of her fans claim that her appearance is still natural. It is all based on there is not quite evidence and she herself never gives official statements regarding to the rumor. Even so, not a few of celebrity viewers claim if she has really been under knife to maintain the youthful appearance.

So, which one do you believe? Is Andrea Mitchell plastic surgery rumor true? Or she does really age gracefully without any cosmetic surgery procedures done. Feel free to share your ideas with us..!

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