Ti Wife Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ti Wife Plastic Surgery has been being the most talked topic by many people for long time. She reportedly got some beauty enhancement surgeries to keep her youthful appearance. It is all based on her perfect and wonderful appearance in her 39 years old age. Her face does not have a lot of wrinkles and excessive skin, whereas some women in her age have visible aging signs on their face.

Ti Wife Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ti Wife Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Ti Wife Have Plastic Surgery?

What we see on Tameka Cottle’s appearance looks unnatural for her age. Commonly, 39 years old women will have some aging signs on their appearance. Based on that reason, some people begin to speculate if  this American singer-songwriter could have some cosmetic surgery procedures done. However some people are still wondering what kind of surgery procedures that she exactly got.

Some people consider that Ti Wife Plastic Surgery has been done well. It can be seen through her appearance which still look awesome and attractive though her age is no longer young. Here are some possible plastic surgery procedures that she might get. Let’s see..!!!

Ti Wife Boob Job (Breast Implants or Breast Augmentation)

The first plastic surgery sign that can be seen on her appearance is on her new cup size which looks a bit different than she used to. We guess that she could have got breast implants to add the volume of her breast size as it was done by Kelly Ripa. However, some people notice that her bust size does not fit to her slim body shape because it looks a bit too big. Even some people think that she intentionally made a tattoo on her breast  to hide her boob job scars.

Ti Wife Breast Implants Before and After

Ti Wife Breast Implants Before and After

Ti Wife Plastic Surgery: Butt Implants

Beside breast implants, she also reportedly got implants on her butt. So it is no wonder if her butt also appears a little bit bigger than before. Some people consider that the actress might get this Brazilian butt lift to give her bootylicious look.

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Since she appeared with big breast and butt size, there many people consider that her new appearance looks so sexy though her breast size looks a bit too big for her body frame. Nevertheless some think that her boob job and butt implants have been done well.

Ti Wife Plastic Surgery: Facelift and Botox

The other parts of her body that make many people impressed is on her face skin which looks so tight, smooth, and toned as if it is hard to see any aging signs on her face. Therefore some people do believe if the singer also got facelift combined with Botox injection as the parts of her beauty enhancement surgeries.

What we see on Ti wife’s face is very contradiction to other women’s face in her age. Generally, 39 years old women’s face will show some wrinkles, crow’s feet lines, and excessive skin as the part of aging process.

Ti Wife Plastic Surgery: Liposuction

Last but not least, many people also notice that Tameka likely has got liposuction to remove the excessive fats around her arm, thigh, and stomach. So it is no wonder if her body shape always look slim though she has had more than two children. So it is not impossible for her to have such beautiful body shape naturally if she has not got plastic surgery procedure.

When Tameka Cottle was confirmed by some celebrity magazine journalists to make some statements dealing with the spreading rumor, she openly admitted that she had got some cosmetic surgery procedures. But she did not tell exactly what kind of surgery procedures that she had got.

In short, the former member of the multi-platinum R&B female group Xscape has not told frankly about her surgery procedures, but some people notice that she could have breast implants, butt implants, facelift, Botox, and liposuction.

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