Tori Amos Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Being a productive woman in the age of 50s is every woman desire. That is happening to the famous American singer-songwriter, pianist and composer, Tori Amos. In May 2014, she just released her 14th studio album titled Unrepentant Geraldines with “Trouble’s Lament” as the first single. She still does tours and sings on the stage. Like any other celebrities, she is demanded to have a fresh look in front of her fans. That is the reason why she reportedly got plastic surgery procedures done on her appearance.

Tori Amos Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tori Amos Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Tori Amos Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging by before and after photos, she indeed looks wonderful though her age is no longer young. Her face skin still appears smooth, tight, and free from aging signs. Looking at Tori’s current face appearance, some people do believe if the singer has been under knife for facelift that was combined with Botox. Commonly 50-year-old-women’s face will show some wrinkles and excessive skins, but what we see on Amos’ face, it still looks fresh and ageless.

Tori Amos Before and After Plastic Surgery

Tori Amos Before and After Plastic Surgery

The other spot that leads to disputes is on her nose shape. Her nose now looks slimmer and the bump on the tip has seemly reduced. It has to be remembered that Tori Amos previously had a wide bulky nose. Finding her with much well defined with nose shape makes some people strongly believe if Tori Amos nose job rumor is in a fact true. Meanwhile, her current eyes shape also indicates that she possibly has got eyelid surgery. It rarely happens to other women in her age. Therefore many people agree that the talented singer did not only have forehead lift, filler, and rhinoplasty surgery, but she also could have blepharoplasty. So, it si not wonder if in her old age, Tori’s eyes still looks bright with the absent of sagging skin under and upper her eyes region.

On the other hand, little bit above from her eyes, her forehead skin has apparently lifted because the gap between her eyebrow and the eyes became farther. It might be the effect of brow lift surgery. Along with the neck, it looks tight without any excessive skin. The neck lift surgery must have main role in eliminating her saggy skin around her neck.

A possible skin laser treatment could be done by her to keep and complete all of her surgical procedures, so that she can still look natural without any plastic surgery sign remains.

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The accused singer herself has not given any statement responding to her allegations. There are not plastic surgeons who admit their works on Amos’s face. So it will be the public’s decision to judge if she has been under knife or not. But, looking at her changing appearance, some people have got enough evidence to say that she has indeed got plastic surgery.

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