Vanessa Bryant Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Vanessa Bryant Plastic Surgery is now being much talked by a lot of celebrity watchers. She reportedly got various cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance.

However, the truth of this rumor is still debatable among her fans and some celebrity watchers.  Her fans denied if Vanessa’s appearance was enhanced by plastic surgeons. They consider that she is still natural without any surgical procedures done.

On the contrary, many celebrity watchers think that her appearance does look different than she used to. Hence they do believe if she had really got some works done so that her appearance can look in such way.

Vanessa Bryant Nose Job Before and After

Vanessa Bryant Nose Job Before and After

Has Vanessa Bryant Got Plastic Surgery?

Based on some sources, she intentionally got plastic surgery to enhance her appearance in order that her husband does not philander with other girls. She reportedly was obsessed to look young and perfect in front of her husband. Therefore, she toke some cosmetic surgery procedures to stop her philandering husband. Is that true if Vanessa Bryant plastic surgery is only for her husband?

Judging by the comparison of before and after plastic surgery pictures, she does look much different than she used to. There are a lot of parts of her body enhanced and they do not look natural. Hence we guess that the rumor of Vanessa Bryant plastic surgery is in fact true.

Although the rumor has been spreading out widely and been becoming the most trending topic of discussion, there are many people are still wondering about what kind of cosmetic surgical procedures she had got.

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It seems to be easy to see plastic surgery signs on her appearance. Let’s take a look closely to her nose shape, it now has changed a lot. The other signs that refer to plastic surgery fact is on her face skin which looks so smooth. Meanwhile, her lips also look bit different. Well, in order to give you clear information, we will show you some reviews below.

Vanessa Bryant Nose Job

As we said above that she had enhancement on her nose shape. It now looks thinner and a bit defined than before. We predict that she has been under knife for a rhinoplasty surgery. The most visible plastic surgery signs that leads to nose job is the base of her nostril remains the scars.

According to a plastic surgeon, Dr Anthony Youn, the wife of Kobe Bryant has definitely got some cosmetic surgery procedures. The doctor showed that her nose shape now looks much slimmer than she used to. He ensured that a rhinoplasty surgery has helped her to refine her wide and bulbous nose.

Vanessa Bryant Botox injection

The other plastic surgery sign that can be seen is on her face skin which looks smooth and toned. In our opinion, she has got some filler injection like Botox to eliminate the aging signs like wrinkles and crows feet lines on her face area.

Vanessa Bryant Plastic Surgery Before and After

Vanessa Bryant Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox injection itself becomes the most preferred cosmetic surgery procedure for 30 years old actresses. It is all because having regular filler injection like Botox can prevent the visible aging signs, and it seems to inspire Vanessa to get this injectable filler.

Vanessa Bryant Lips Filler Injection

Dr Anthony Youn revealed that Vanessa did not only have injectable filler on her face skin, but she apparently got other filler injection like Juvederm injected on her lips. The surgeon pointed that her lips now looks plumped and juicy.

When all those plastic surgery allegations were confirmed to the actress, her assistants strongly denied the rumor. They ensured if the rumor of Vanessa Bryant plastic surgery was 100%  not true. They also considered that the rumor was too ridiculous.

Vanessa Bryant representatives may deny all the rumor, but the comparison between before and after photos have made some people do believe if the actress has really been under knife.

Plastic surgery seems to be the most acceptable way for most of public figures in USA to keep the youthful appearance in very short time. But unfortunately, most celebrities who reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures always hide their beauty enhancement surgeries.

Over all, she may not give any statements regarding to the rumor, but before and after pictures have made believe some people if the rumor of Vanessa Bryant plastic surgery is in fact true.

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