Xiaxue Plastic Surgery Before and After

Xiaxue Plastic Surgery has been stealing many people attention in Singapore. She reportedly has changed a lot than she used to. There are many Singaporean celebrity magazines and online forums are talking about her surgery.

Although her name has become the most talked by a lot of people, some people are still wondering about what typical surgery procedures she had. Even a few of them do not know who Xiaxue is. She is a Singaporean blogger, and her interest is celebrity gossips and news.

Xiaxue Plastic Surgery Before and After

Xiaxue Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Xiaxue Have Plastic Surgery?

There are many people have not known yet this woman. Xiaxue is best known as a Singaporean celebrity watcher. She often posts her writing about her personal life, fashion model, and local issues in her personal blog and websites.

Based on some sources, Xiaxue’s main blog has inspired more than twenty thousands readers per a day. If we look at its royal readers, it is no wonder if she got prestigious blog awards and then earned much money from her sponsorship deals. She is also often appears in television as as a TV show host and columnist.

After her popularity has reaped a lot of people admiration, the news from her is always waited by a lot of people. They wonder what kind of breakthroughs that she would like to share.

In 2008 she reportedly received a claim from a fellow Singaporean blogger, Dawn Yang, because of her very offensive writing about Dawn Yang. However, some people think that it all might not be caused by her posts, but some people noticed that it was all because of their heated rivalry.

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As the time passed, their rivalry news gradually disappears. However, there is an unpleasant news if Xiaxue has been under knife to improve her appearance. Even though the truth of Xiaxue plastic surgery rumor is still debatable, but a lot of people are still wondering about her surgery procedures if she has really got some works done. Keep on reading to find whether she has really had plastic surgery or not, and if she has so, let’s find her surgery procedures.

Judging by the before and after photos, she indeed has got some improvements on her appearance. If we look closely at the comparison of pictures above, we notice that she has got some beauty enhancements especially on her nose, eyes, and lips. All of her features have apparently changed and their changes almost refer to plastic surgery signs. Well, let’s take a look the following reviews one by one.

Xiaxue Plastic Surgery: Nose

The first plastic surgery procedure that she could get is nose job. It can be proven from her nose shape. Xiaxue’s nose now looks a bit thinner than she used to. Whereas, it previously looks wide and piggy. Even though Xiaxue nose job is done subtly, but its sign is still visible.

Xiaxue Plastic Nose Job Before and After

Xiaxue Plastic Nose Job Before and After

A rhinoplasty surgery has apparently given her a lot of benefits for her appearance. It is claimed that she now looks perfect and awesome after getting nose surgery. She does not appear to go overboard with it, so her nose still appears natural as if she does not have any cosmetic surgery procedure on her nose.

Xiaxue Blepharoplasty Surgery

It is reported that she also had been under knife for an eyelid surgery. Some people notice if both of her eyes now look prettier than before. Xiaxue’s eyes now looks a bit wide opened than she used to, so she does not look like as a Asian woman again, but she almost looks like a western woman whose wide and sweet eyes impression.

Xiaxue Plastic Double Eyelid Surgery

Xiaxue Plastic Double Eyelid Surgery

If we pay attention to the recent news, Blepharoplasty surgery seems to be the most common procedure that almost Asian women and celebrities got. Likely, they feel insure and uncomfortable with their small eyes, hence they, as well as  Xiaxue, tried to reshape their eyes through eyelid surgery. As result, their Asian eyes now turn into western eyes.

Xiaxue Lips Augmentation

Besides nose job and Blepharoplasty surgery, we guess that she likely has got lips enhancement as well. Our allegation is based on her recent lips which looks a bit plump and juicy. It is almost contrast to her previous lips shape which looks slim.

Xiaxue Before and After Plastic Surgery

Xiaxue Before and After Plastic Surgery

Well, Xiaxue may look perfect and awesome after getting some plastic surgery procedures done. However, some people are still wondering whether the rumor is true or not. So, how does Xiaxue respond to the rumor? Does she admit or deny all the allegations. Let’s see…!

When she was confirmed by her fans, she openly admitted if she had really been under knife for nose job and Blepharoplasty surgery. She told that she felt uncomfortable and insecure with her nose and eyes shape in which her nose looked a bit wide with a little flat at the tip as she wrote on her private blog.

“I’ve always felt the tip of my nose was a little flat so here it is after fillers:It’s like a nose job which is non invasive! “

Meanwhile, she told that she got double eyelid surgery with forced because she felt uncomfortable with her small eyes shape. As it is quoted from her own blog.

” I did something really drastic yesterday. I did plastic surgery!! And not just namby pamby nonsense – two eye surgeries at once! That’s Lateral Canthoplasty…

What about the lips filler injection, she also openly shared her experience using filler injection on her lips as it was written by her in blog.

“Since we are at the topic of plastic surgery, last month I visited Dr Georgia Lee again for fillers for my laugh lines!! She is FANTASTIC once again and did fillers for me on lips (my third time)…”

Well, Xiaxue confession has been shocking a lot of people especially her fans. They do not believe if their favorite writer had got such dirty beauty enhancement. They think that she likely feels ashamed to have Mongolian appearance. Indeed, she may not tell clearly why she decided to get some cosmetic surgery procedures, but the fans have different views about Xiaxue plastic surgery.

Over all, the rumor of Xiaxue plastic surgery is answered and the rumor is in fact true. After getting some works done, she turns into Western woman from Mongolian woman. Indeed, plastic surgery is her personal right, but some people are still wondering about the reasons why she decided to plastic surgery moreover some her fans relate her beauty enhancements to the race issues.

  • Rae Tee

    In the very 1st pic above, each picture is photoshopped. Ms. Xiaxue didn’t undergo nose surgery prior to those pictures being taken. Here are actual BEFORE photos of of Xiaxue.

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