Zac Efron Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Did Zac Efron get a nose job? That’s the most often asked question in several forums. According to some reports, the 28-year-guy who has such a sweet face definitely had nose job (rhinoplasty) done several years ago though he himself has never admitted it.

Zac Efron Nose Job Before and After

Zac Efron Nose Job Before and After

Judging from the comparison between Zac Efron nose job before after pictures, his nose has changed prettier than before. The nose looks slightly narrower and less prominent. The change may not be visible significantly, but there is indeed identifiable difference.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer reveals that Zac Efron high school musical star has certainly had nose job done in the past. With new nose shape he now looks great and owns strongly defined face features which give him masculine look.

In the same point, Dr. Sherrell J. Aston also notices that his nose has changed much better defined than he used to. The surgeon showed that his tip cartilages and nasal bones seemed to be narrowed so that his nose can look smaller now. Both of plastic surgeons above claimed that Zac Efron nose job was done very well. He does not look like going overboard with the procedure.

Zac Efron Nose Job Before After Pictures

Zac Efron Nose Job Before After Pictures

Zac Efron may not be the only one who reportedly had nose surgery, but there are still many Hollywood Actors are reported having this procedure as well. Let’s take a look at how well Tom Cruise nose job was done!

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The other star who has benefited from rhinoplasty is Selena Gomez. She was even reported having more plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation surgery.

In short, plastic surgery procedure including nose job is indeed able to give instant beauty enhancement. But, it has to be kept in mind that cosmetic surgery does not always give best result. It sometimes will be like a boomerang which can destroy appearance. Read our previous post about plastic surgery gone wrong to see Hollywood celebrities who look worse after having been under knife!

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