5 Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Secrets You Never Knew

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery is recently stealing many people attention. She reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures done to improve her appearance.

If the rumor of Amanda Bynes plastic surgery is true, some people especially her fans seem to be disappointed with her. It seems to be reasonable because they do hope their favorite actress can grow and age naturally without any surgery procedures done.

Amanda Bynes Before and After Plastic Surgery

Amanda Bynes Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Amanda Bynes Got Plastic Surgery?

Born April 3, 1986, Amanda got her fame since she was child especially when she had role in Nickelodeon series. But at the age of 24 years old, she made a shocking statement if she retired from entertainment industry especially in acting.

After so long out of sight, she began appearing with a bit different appearance and that is the reason why Amanda Bynes plastic surgery rumors began surfacing.

If the gossip of Amanda Bynes plastic surgery is true, some people really regret her decision having some cosmetic surgery procedures. They think that she is too young to get some works done.

Well, if Bynes has really been under knife, the big question is what type of plastic surgery procedures she had. And how does she respond to the allegation? Does she admit or deny it?

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Amanda Bynes Rhinoplasty Surgery

Amanda Bynes Rhinoplasty Surgery

Based on Amanda Bynes plastic surgery before and after pictures, she does look a bit different than she used to especially when she was young. Here are 5 secrets of Amanda Bynes plastic surgery that most of people miss.

If we look carefully at before and after photos above, Amanda has a slimmer face right now. The new shape of her face indicates that Bynes’ cheekbones are improved. Therefore it appears higher and more defined. The change of cheekbones is usually affected by cheekbone lift surgery.

The other thing that we can see from the comparison of Amanda Bynes before and after plastic surgery pictures above is that her teeth also appear brighter than before. Looking at her bright teeth, some people predict that she possibly got dental veneer hence Amanda Bynes teeth appear whiter than before. Her smile also looks more tempting now.

Amanda Bynes Breast Augmentation

Amanda Bynes Breast Augmentation

Not a few of people also predict that she might have been under knife for breast implants. This allegation is based on Amanda Bynes fake boobs. The size of her cup does appear unnatural as many young women do.

Besides Boob job, plenty of people also accuse her of getting nose job. It can be proved from the shape of Amanda Bynes nose which looks slimmer than before as if the nasal bridge has been narrowed while the bump at the tip seems to be reduced as well.

Looking at her when she is smiling, she also has great lips. It makes people wonder if the former of child star also got lips filler injection.

Those are 5 secrets of Amanda Bynes plastic surgery that most of people never know. She may always hide those secrets from public, but sooner people will know them.

What do you think Amanda Bynes after plastic surgery?

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