Atlanta Plastic Surgery Buttock Augmentation Cost

Do you have too small and flat buttocks? And you fantasize to have fuller and rounder butt, plastic surgery buttock augmentation may become the right option for you.

There are many Hollywood celebrities and singers reportedly have undergone this procedure. Let’s take a look at famous singer Nicki Minaj fake butt. She now appears with awoesome and big bottom after being under knife.

The other actress who has benefited from plastic surgery buttock augmentation is Kenya Moore. After getting buttock injections she now looks much more beautiful than before getting plastic surgery.

A surgical buttock augmentation has two procedures; butt implants and fat grafting. The implant procedure uses a solid silicone disc inserted into the gluteal muscles. The procedure is commonly performed through making the incision between the buttocks to hide the scars of surgery. The benefits of gluteal implants are to give an immediate and dramatic contour even though the patients are having weight gain or loss program.

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Buttock Augmentation

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Buttock Augmentation

If you live in Atlanta and are ready for a plastic surgery buttock injection, there are a lot of board certified plastic surgeons in Atlanta that you can make an appointment. Some of them are Dr. Andrew Jimerson, Dr. John Connors, Patricia Yugueros, M.D, and there are still many others. They all are experienced surgeons, so that you do not need to worry about the final result. They will make you feel sexier and more confident than before.

The followings are Brazilian butt augmentation before and after pictures. They look beautiful and amazing, aren’t they?

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Atlanta Plastic Surgery Buttock Augmentation Before and After

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Buttock Augmentation Before and After

How Much Are Buttock Injections in Atlanta?

If you are really interested in getting plastic surgery in Atlanta, you do not worry about financing because there are several ways to pay your surgery. The clinics usually provide or offer some programs which are designed to meet individual needs and patients’ satisfaction. Even the doctor usually will not give charge for an initial consultation. However, for more detail information about the exact price for buttock augmentation surgery, you can make an appointment with the surgeon. Afterwards you can ask about the price in detail.

But, for initial information about buttock augmentation surgery cost in Atlanta, it usually ranges $3500 plus the cost of liposuction. Prices are definitely usually based on the facility, the complexity of surgery and services.

One thing that you have to keep in mind before deciding to have plastic surgery is that there are many disreputable individuals who are offering buttock injections which can contain unhealthy and harmful material like hydrogel, silicone, cement, caulk, etc. Many plastic surgeons agree that these materials are not legalized and oftentimes are not given in a medical setting. So, put your health and safety first, and get intensive consultation with your surgeon before deciding this beauty surgery procedure.

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