Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Every woman is beautiful, but some of them do not feel confident and comfortable enough, especially for those who work in entertainment industry like actors, actresses, and other public figures. They tend to enhance their beauty, no matter how. The easiest and fastest way to do it is through plastic surgery. Sometimes it gives the best result but sometimes it does not. And sometime, even if the beauty is already enhanced, does not make them stop doing the next surgery.

Aubrey O'Day Plastic Surgery Before and After

Aubrey O’Day Plastic Surgery Before and After

Usually, a plastic surgery only work for a certain body part. And if someone wants to enhance their other body parts, they have to do more surgeries. And that is what happened to young singer and actress, Aubrey O’day. People who follow her career growth will notice that she has changed a lot. When she posted some of her selfie photos lately, it makes her looks like to have more ‘plump’ on both top and bottom. The newest photo shows her back side that make people wonder if the singer wants to show a new butt. She also has been accused of having a plastic surgery on her breasts, nose, lips, face, and stomach.

Aubrey O'Day Breast Implants Before and After

Aubrey O’Day Breast Implants Before and After

Comparing her breasts from her old picture with the current one, the cup size seems increases. People do not believe that at her age her breast can increase instantly. They are sure if her new cup size is as the product of breast implants. On the other hand, if we pay attention to her face appearance, she likely has got some facial surgery, like lips augmentation and cheek filler injection. The signs of her surgical procedures on her face can be seen from her lips and cheeks that have become much fuller than before. Her nose also looks thinner than before. From wide to thin nose shape is only able to be obtained through a rhinoplasthy surgery. And with the newest selfie photo of her back, she must be just done a butt augmentation. There is also a rumour that she has done a liposuction because some people saw a small scar on her stomach.

Unfortunately, the 30 years old singer has not officially admitted if she really gone under the knife for her butt. It is more important to think about how to stop. She already has a gorgeous body, no matter if they are real or fake. Because many celebrities became addicted to plastic surgery and have it overdid. Not long enough it will ruin their beauty instead of enhancing their look.

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