Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Everyone must be familiar with the lead vocalist of Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose. He is best known as an American singer-songwriter and musician. His name is lately being talked by a lot of people. It is not dealing with his achievements, but it is all about the possibilities for him to get plastic surgery. The rumor of Axl Rose Plastic Surgery began to spread to the surface since he looks much different than he used to. He is even almost unrecognizable. What happened to his appearance? Did he get plastic surgery gone wrong?

Axl Rose Before and After Plastic Surgery

Axl Rose Before and After Plastic Surgery

Axl Rose Before and After Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery seems not to be only loved by female celebrities, but male celebrities also began to be tempted to undergo plastic surgery to maintain their youthful appearance. One of male celebrities who reportedly got plastic surgery is Axl Rose.

Judging by pictures comparison between Axl Rose before and after plastic surgery, he might have tried out all cosmetic surgery procedures to always look young and cool though his age is not young anymore. But unfortunately, instead of getting younger, he even looks weird and almost unrecognizable after plastic surgery.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After

If the rumor of Axl Rose plastic surgery is indeed true, there are many people regret his decision. They notice that his appearance does not look better, but he even looks worse. Does it mean that he has got plastic surgery gone wrong?

According to plastic surgeons, Axl Rose possibly has got some cosmetic surgery procedures over done. They notice if the lead vocalist of Guns N’ Roses appearance now looks weird and worse. They think that his unnatural appearance may be caused by too much filler injection like Botox.

The other plastic surgery procedure that he might get is facelift and chemical peeling. But unfortunately, both of his surgery procedures were overdone, so that his current appearance now looks bad. Look at his face skin which looks red and almost burned, it might be caused by overdone chemical peel treatment.

In short, whatever he had done for his appearance is all his right. But, if he looks so bad, it makes people wonder how he can be so careless by taking plastic surgery. Whereas, he is without cosmetic surgery, he had been cool and attractive.

What do you think of Axl Rose Plastic Surgery? Did he have plastic surgery gone wrong? Feel free to speak up your mind here.

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