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Did Jonathan Cheban undergone plastic surgery?

jonathan cheban plastic surgery

Jonathan Cheban - Kim Kardashian's BFF – threw fans into frenzy as he appeared in the CBB House Tonight looking completely transformed. The celebrity was cautious about giving out much information concerning Kim; he just had his fun with Emma Willis on the catwalk. He however stated that she had no idea who he’ll be… Read More

For sometime now, everyone hаѕ been talking about Kendall Jenner Plаѕtiс surgery. Kеndеr Jеnnеr in 2009 was looking аll nаturаl. You May Like: Kris Jenner Before and After Facelift Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos In 2010, Kendall started wearing mаkеuр and ѕtуling hеr hair, аnd… Read More

Jennifer Aniston Boob Job

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery is one of the most talked about among celebrities. Jennifer Aniѕtоn is аn American асtrеѕѕ, producer аnd film director, ѕhе wаѕ born оn 2nd оf Nоvеmbеr 1969. She came tо limelight playing Rасhеl Grееnе оn popular TV show ''Friends'' fоr whiсh she wоn numеrоuѕ аwаrdѕ. At thе age оf 46, ѕhе… Read More

Jessica Biel Nose & Lip Job

Jessica Biel Pic 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inm8PKr0hd4 If you take notice of Hollywood celebs, then you must have noticed on Jessica Biel who hit the ground running at a tender age of 9. Most of us know her from her role on 7th Heaven the series that aired in 1996. From that moment, Jessica went on to conquer the big screen… Read More

Lady Gaga Before & After Plastic Surgery

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery

Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has been a star known for her radical and beautiful pop songs such as Poker Face and Born This Way. Both songs are about being who we are and not being afraid to let the world know that we are proud of ourselves. However, there have been… Read More

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery is lately stealing many public attentions. She reportedly has had some procedures of plastic surgery to improve her appearance. However, what type of the beauty surgery she had still debated among plastic surgeons. Megyn Marie Kelly who was born on born November 18, 1970 is best known as a journalist and… Read More

celebrity plastic surgery

A plastic surgery is not something new anymore and it sounds normal for world class celebrities. It can be seen from so many news of celebrities who are reported having a cosmetic surgery to keep and to enhance their physical appearance. However, not all of them are brave to confess their surgery. The followings are… Read More

Megan Fox Before and After Plastics Surgery

Megan Fox plastic surgery has made headlines in recent years. According to some reports published in several magazines, the procedures of Megan Fox plastic surgery are a nose job, botox, cheek fillers, lip injections, laser resurfacing. READ ALSO: Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Top 10 Successful Celebrity Plastic Surgery The allegations above were based on the… Read More

Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery

Olivia Munn plastic surgery rumors have long stolen public attention. A lot of people are wondering what happened to olivia munn. She now looks much different than she used to. Did plastic surgery take big role for her face transformation? If she really had some work done, what kind of surgical procedures she had? The… Read More

Katie Price Plastic Surgery

Katie Price plastic surgery recently becomes trending topic in social media and several forums since she shared her cosmetic surgery details on Instagram. On Instagram, the mum of 5 children posted some photos during her visit to a Harley Street clinic. She told in details to the followers that she had just gotten great plastic… Read More