Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After 2016: Shocking Confession!

A plastic surgery is not something new anymore and it sounds normal for world class celebrities. It can be seen from so many news of celebrities who are reported having a cosmetic surgery to keep and to enhance their physical appearance. However, not all of them are brave to confess their surgery.

The followings are the list of celebrities who are reported undergoing some plastic surgery procedures. Some might have admitted it, but not a few of them hide their surgeries even though there are so many before and after pictures talk themselves. Who are they? Let’s check them out below!


Kim Kardashian is often rumored to undergo some procedures of cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance. Some people even call her as the queen of plastic surgery even though she often denies it.

Nonetheless, judging by before and after pictures some viewers see that the appearance of Kanye West’s wife has changed a lot, which is believed as the result of cosmetic surgery.

The followings are two of Kim Kardashian before and after photos that were often used as evidence of her beauty surgery.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After Kim Kardashian
Celebrity Before and After Plastic Surgery


At the beginning of her career with the group band Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham was reported undergoing a boob job (breast implant) to make her breasts size bigger (34DD). However, the singer-who turned into designer- seemed to feel uncomfortable with her 34DD cup size, it was too large and did not fit with the shape of her body. Then, she decided to get second boob job to minimize her breast became 34B.

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The latest rumor say that her boobs are diminished again. It sparks the rumor that she may get other boob job again to make her breast size look natural, not too big.

The followings are the pictures of Victoria Beckham before and after which are believed as the evidence of her cosmetic surgery, boob job.

Celebrities with Plastic Surgery Victoria Beckham

Celebrities Plastic Surgery Victoria Beckham


Megan Fox is also claimed as one of the celebrities who denied having a plastic surgery. As what has been reported by one of well known tabloid, the star of  ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘ is rumored to have had some work done on her face. She is even reported having spent $60000 for her surgical procedures.

Based on before and after photos, her face has indeed changed from the nose, lips, eyebrows, till the shape of her cheeks. All of them are reported having changed due to plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Celebrities Megan Fox


In an interview at Golden Globes 2002, Kate Hudson claimed that she was proud with her small boobs. She told that having a small cup size made her feel happy because she could look elegant using a cloth with low cleavage.

However, a lot of viewers see that Kate Hudson breast size now looks bigger and fuller than before. Does she have a boob job done? You can see the picture below and decide by yourself whether she has been under knife or not.

Celebrities Who Had Plastic Surgery

At the begining of her career she appears with small breast. While in the recent picture she looks sexier with big and full boobs size.


At the beginning of her professional career Kelly Rowland had small and flat breast. But, now her boobs look much bigger and fuller. The change of Kelly Rowland’s boobs is certainly not a miracle.

Kelly Rowland Before And After Plastic Surgery

Looking at her breast transformation, some viewers predict that the former of Destiny’s Child personel might have a breast augmentation surgery. They also see with big and full cup size, she looks more confidence and makes her easily find nice clothing.


Iggy Azalea told openly that she had a plastic surgery, boob job, to enhance her boobs as what it has been quoted by eonline.com.

“I think, in 2016, people should be more accepting of the fact that both famous and non-famous women are having cosmetic procedures,” she told the publication. “That’s just the reality. And I think more people need to admit that s–t so it doesn’t have to be so taboo—because we’re all doing it anyway.”

The following is the picture that shows Iggy Azalea’s transformation. Let’s check this out!

Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery Iggy Azalea


The star of reality show ‘Jersey Shore’, Nicole, who is best known as Snooki, recently shows her new lips in Instagram after getting lips injection. She seems to feel proud and happy with her new look.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Snooki
Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

Besides getting lip augmentation, Snooki is also rumored having a liposuction so her weight is shrinking.


Kylie Jenner feels insecure with the appearance of thin lips. That is what she revealed to media as the reason why she decided to get plastic surgery. Even though she ever denied it, but finally Kylie telling the truth in TV reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’.

Plastic Surgery Celebrity Kylie Jenner


The little sister of Lindsay Lohan, Ali Lohan is also rumored undergoing a botox injection even when her age is still 17 years old exactly in 2011.

Ali Lohan Celebrities That Had Plastic Surgery

Although the rumors remain unconfirmed, the change is clearly seen on her face. Dr Gary Alter, a plastic surgeon, told as it was reported by radaronline.com, her face seemed to look different and it might be as the effect of using botox on her forehead. The surgeon reviews is based on her eyebrows which now look a little bit lifted than before.

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