Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgery has seduced every person who appears on screen. Not only movie actors and actress, or news anchor, even a comic actress has lied under the doctor’s knife, just like Cheri Oteri did. She was being known as the one of main cast at Saturday Night Lives between 1995 and 2000. as normal woman, she should age and have some aging signs on her appearance. But what we see on her latest appearance, she still looks great and wonderful whereas her age is no longer young, 51 years old. Looking at her wonderful appearance in her old age makes some people wonder if this senior actress has got some works done to keep her youthful appearance.

Did Cheri Oteri Have Plastic Surgery?

Being a public figure has made her personal life to be a target of paparazzi. Even the journalist did not only expose her personal life, but when they found something new on the certain actress’ appearance, they directly make some rumors.

Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery Before and After

Regarding to the rumor that say Cheri Oteri has got plastic surgery, some people began to find the evidence whether she really had been under knife or she indeed aged naturally. Judging by before and after photos, they found that there were many something unusual on her appearance. Her face skin still looks smooth, tight, and fresh as if she does not have any sagging skin there. Looking at Cheri’s face skin makes some people speculate if this actress possibly has got facelift that was combined with Botox injection. As the result, we can see on her latest appearance. Her face is far away from aging signs like wrinkles or other forehead lines.

Cheri Oteri Before and After Photos

Cheri Oteri Before and After Photos

On the other hand, if we look at her appearance deeply, we will see that her chin also has changed. She previously had round chin, but lately it changed into more pointed one, which makes her face look longer. It may be the effect of chin implant. Additionally, her nose has changed as well. At the beginning of her career in film industry, Cheri’s nose was round with wide bridge. But then it looks narrower with more pinched down at the tip. Medically, it can not change naturally, except with a rhinoplasty surgery.

Based on before and after pictures comparison above, her eyes are getting bigger and wider than before. It is also free from any sagging skin under and upper the eyes. Only an eyelid surgery can give such eyes appearance. In her age of more than half century, she still looks younger and fresh. Her skin face still looks tight and free from any wrinkles and any forehead lines. It is indicating that Cheri Oteri plastic surgery rumor is in fact true.

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The comic actress herself has not given any confirmation whether she accepted or refused those plastic surgery allegations. However some people do believe if the rumor is fact. Nevertheless they praise the results because she indeed looks younger than other women in her age after getting some works done.

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