Choi Ji Woo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Choi Ji Woo plastic surgery seems to be a hot topic of discussion today. Many people began to talk about the possibility for her to get some cosmetic surgery procedures after they found her with Seohyun SNSD going to plastic surgeon.

Did Choi Ji Woo Have Plastic Surgery?

Everyone must agree that Choi Ji Woo is very similar to SNSD Seohyun. It also makes some people believe that she intentionally changes her appearance like Seohyun via plastic surgery.

Well, if the rumor of Choi Ji Woo plastic surgery is really fact, what kind of surgical procedures did she have. Judging by before and after pictures, some people predict that the 39-year-old actress has probably had Korean plastic surgery face because both of her eyes and nose now looks much different than they used to.

Korean Eye Plastic Surgery or Blepharoplasty

It is not secret anymore if eyelid surgery becomes one of the most common surgery procedure in South Korea. There is not enough research why Korean people prefer to change their eyes through eyelid surgery.

Choi Ji Woo Eyelid Surgery

Choi Ji Woo Eyelid Surgery

And, if I look at Choi Ji Woo’s eyes, her eyes indeed look wider than she used to. Nevertheless, I cannot define if such change is made via eyelid surgery. With big eyes, her appearance now looks like a western lady instead of an Asian woman.

Nose Job or Rhinoplasty Surgery

The other part of her body that triggers the plastic surgery allegation is Choi Ji Woo’s nose. Based on the comparison of before and after photos, her nose now appears much different than before. Whereas, previous years her nose looks a little bit wide with undefined tip, but it now appears smaller with much better defined tip. If we pay attention her nose carefully, her nostril also looks smaller than before. It may be as the result of nose job or rhinoplasty surgery.

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Choi Ji Woo Nose Job Before and After

Choi Ji Woo Nose Job Before and After

Even though she had been rumored having eyelid surgery and nose job, but the actress herself apparently has never cared about the rumor. She always keeps silent whenever some people ask her about the truth of the cosmetic surgery rumor.

In short, regardless of whether the speculation of Choi Ji Woo plastic surgery is true or not, I notice that her appearance now looks much more beautiful than before.

What do you think of Choi Ji Woo’s transformation? Do you believe if she has got some plastic surgery procedures done? or is Choi Ji Woo plastic surgery is just the rumor?

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