Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery is not something new for celebrities in the world especially in Hollywood. It can be proved by so many celebrities who prefer to get the beauty surgery than the natural treatment.

One of surprising news is that Christina Ricci, who is best known as a successful American actress, reportedly got some plastic surgery procedures done to keep and to enhance her appearance.

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery: Facts or Rumors

Born on 12th February 1980, Christina’s appearance still looks stunning and ageless. Her face does not have a lot of wrinkles or other sagging skin, but it still looks tight and smooth. What is the secret? the answer is probably plastic surgery.

Christina Ricci Nose Job Before and After

Christina Ricci Nose Job Before and After

Judging by before and after, Ricci does have some beauty enhancements on her face features like face skin, nose, and breast. If we look at her face skin, it is still smooth and and wrinkles-free. many plastic surgeons predict that she may have had facial filler injection like Botox.

The other sign of Christina Ricci plastic surgery is on the shape of her nose which looks narrower and more pointed than before. Looking at her new nose shape, people begin to speculate if the actress could get nose job or rhinoplasty surgery. Look at her nostrils, they look much smaller than she used to. This is certainly the effect of nose job.

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Nose Job

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When the actress was confirmed to give statement whether the plastic surgery rumor was a fact or just gossip, she openly told that she did have some cosmetic surgery procedures done to keep her beautiful appearance. She said that she was very happy with the result of her surgical procedures.

What she had told indicate that Christina Ricci plastic surgery surely seems to be done well by her plastic surgeon. The surgeon has made her look more attractive with smooth, tight face skin, and nice nose shape.

However, are Botox injection and nose job enough for her? based on some reports, she did not only have facial filler injection and rhinoplasty surgery, but there is speculation if the actress of Sleepy Hollow film has got boob job. This speculation can be seen from her breast size which looks smaller than she used to.

Christina Ricci Breast Reduction Before and After

Christina Ricci Breast Reduction Before and After

Judging by before and after photos, some plastic surgeons predict that she may have had breast reduction to reduce the volume of her cup size. There is not any actual reports which tells about the reason why she decided to get breast reduction. But some people predict that she may feel insecure with big breast size which does not fit to her body frame.

However, this time the actress strongly denied if she had been under knife for breast reduction. She ensured that her cup size still looks the same without any surgeon’s help. She added that if many people found her with smaller breast size, it may be caused by weight loss.

Though she has denied the rumor of boob job, but Christina Ricci plastic surgery fact, breast reduction signs, are very noticeable and can not be ignored.

In short, whenever she told about the rumor of her plastic surgery, a lot of plastic surgeons claim that Christina Ricci plastic surgery procedures are well done by her plastic surgeon so that she can still look natural as if she does not have any surgery procedure done.

What do you think of about Christina Ricci flawless appearance especially her breast size? Is that true if her smaller cup size caused by weight loss or she may really have breast reduction like many people alleged.

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