Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Gerald Posner plastic surgery is recently stealing public attention. Many people think that plastic surgery is usually done by some celebrities in the world especially in Hollywood. But, cosmetic surgery is now starting to spread to the politicians. One of well-known politician who was rumored to have plastic surgery procedure is Gerald Posner, an American politician who is now 60 years old.

Many people think that Posner’s appearance looks unnatural for a 60-year-old man. His face skin still looks tight, smooth, and free from wrinkles. Whereas, some people in his age has started having some frown lines around their face as the sign of natural aging. Therefore, there are many people predict that Gerald Posner’s ageless appearance as the result of beauty surgery.

Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures

Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Born on 20th May 1954, Gerald Posner still looks fabulous with fresh, tight, and smooth face skin. He does not look like a 60-year-old man but his appearance still looks like as a 35-year-old man. Did he really have plastic surgery? Let’s see how he looks before and after plastic surgery!

Judging by before and after pictures, his face does look unusual for a man who is starting to age. His face does not have a lot of frown lines, but it still appears as smooth as he was young. It is almost impossible for other men whose flawless like Gerald Posner’s appearance if they do not have some surgical procedures done like facelift, facial filler injection like Botox, and many others.

Gerald Posner Facelift and Botox injection

Facelift and Botox injection are not something new anymore in beauty treatment. Most of celebrities in Hollywood take both of those surgery procedures to keep their youthful appearance. And looking at Gerald Posner’s appearance, his face indeed reflects the sign of facelift which is combined with Botox and other injectable filler around his cheeks like Juvederm or restylane.

Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery Facelift

Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery Facelift

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Look at his face skin which still looks fabulous without any sagging skin whereas his age is more than 50 years old. What is the secret of his ageless appearance if he does not have any cosmetic surgery procedures done?

Nevertheless, there are some people criticized Gerald Posner plastic surgery because he does not look better after being under knife, but his appearance even looks unnatural and strange now. They think that his appearance might be caused by too much facial filler injection so that his face looks swollen.

What do you think about Gerald Posner plastic surgery? Does he look better or on the contrary, bad, after plastic surgery? Feel free to share your comments with us.

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