Goo Hye Sun Plastic Surgery Before and After

A lot of people lately are talking about Goo Hye Sun plastic surgery since there were many before and after photos, before being a famous actress and after being an actress, uploaded on internet. Previously, people considered that her beauty was natural, but after looking at her photos collection (before being an actress). Some people began to doubt her natural beauty. They think that it was resulted from plastic surgery.

Goo Hye Sun Nose Job Before and After

Goo Hye Sun Nose Job Before and After

Has Goo Hye Sun Had Plastic Surgery?

Everyone agrees if Ku Hye Sun is one of beautiful Korean actresses. Many people have great interest on her beauty. However, since there are so many Ku Hye Sun before and after photos uploaded on internet, some people especially the fans begin to doubt if her natural and beautiful look is resulted from beauty surgery. Did she really have cosmetic surgery procedures done? If she really did, what type of plastic surgery she had?

Judging by before and after pictures, we can see easily the difference between Ku Hye Sun before being a famous and after being famous. There are great differences on her appearance especially the shape of her nose and eyes. Both of them have been improved well. Ku Hye Sun nose now looks thinner with more defined at the tip whereas the shape of her nose previously looks a bit wide with flat at the tip. Such nose transformation may be caused by nose job.


Goo Hye Sun Plastic Surgery Blepharoplasty

Goo Hye Sun Plastic Surgery Blepharoplasty

On the other hand, if we look at her eyes, they now look a bit wider and awake than she used to. Many plastic surgeons predict that she does not only have a rhinoplasty surgery, but she could have Korean Eye Plastic Surgery as well.

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It is not secret anymore if most of Korean people have small eyes, but what we see on Ku Hye Sun’s eyes, her eyes look much different than other Korean women in general. To make the shape of eyes wider, it is usually done via Blepharoplasty.

Nevertheless, Ku Hye Sun is not the only Korean actress who reportedly got plastic surgery. There are many actors and actresses from Korea reportedly got this beauty surgery as well. Let’s see how Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye look after getting nose job and eyelid surgery. Both of them look more sweet and attractive now.

In short, will you still in doubt if Goo Hye Sun plastic surgery is just the rumor? Or you indeed disagree if she has got plastic surgery. Let us know your opinion.

  • Stephanie

    if de surgery makes dem luk gud den let dem be,beside it their face n their money.for me your natural face is de best, but for them their popularity means alot

  • Lulunatic

    Lol. I think there was no difference at all. She is as pretty as she was before, when she was YOUNGER. And if she had gotten prettier that’s probably because she had GROWN UP (and puberty hit her right lmao). Plus let’s not forget the power of make could really change/alter your a person’s features and make you look better if done right. That is all.

  • Geenah

    Have you heard about the thing called make up? That’s what made her look different, as do the other stars, not plastic surgery. This article is a joke! Lol!

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