Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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To work in entertainment industry needs a big confidence to show up in front of public. For mostly women, having a great appearance will give them more confidence. if they are not satisfied with their natural appearance, they will do many ways to enhance it. One of the common ways is plastic surgery as it was done by 35 years old model and TV star, Holly Madison. She reportedly got some surgical procedures to keep and enhance her appearance in order to keep survive in entertainment industry.

Did Holly Madison Have Plastic Surgery?

Holly Madison Breast Augmentation Before and After

Holly Madison Breast Augmentation Before and After

The puberty did not strike well on the Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend. her breasts were first to grow among her friends but then it stopped before their friends start growing any. Her small breasts did not suit to her butt. She started to compare herself with many other hot girls and it affected to her relationship with the founder of the Playboy magazines. Therefore she decided to see plastic surgeon for breast augmentation. As the result, we can see on Holly Madison’s breast size. It looks much bigger and fuller than before. Looking at her new cup size, some people think that she could have taken a lot of advantages from her plastic surgeon’s work because her new breasts really give her more confidence to continue her career as a sexy model.

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before and After

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before and After

On the other hand, Holly apparently did not feel satisfied with is her wide and round nose shape. She always thought her nose looked really big in her photos. Hence she made a brave decision to take other cosmetic surgery procedure, rhinoplasty surgery, to reshape her nose. After lying under the doctor’s knife, it seems to be smaller, with pinched tip.

When she was questioned about the possibilities to have some works done for her transformation, breast and nose, she openly admitted that she has indeed been under plastic surgeon’s knife for such changes on the parts of her body. However, it seems to be contradiction to her previous statements which stated that she was against any other surgery than she already had. She thought doing a Botox was not a good solution, it will look like putting a rubber mask on. But she would change her mind if she had a kid. And since she has a daughter already, the suspicion came up. As she growing old, people believe she will do a Botox and lips augmentation.

In short, whatever she had done to make her appearance look more attractive, we really appreciate for her great surgery result. Nevertheless we also recommend her to take care of her new appearance in order that what she had done will not ruin her appearance in someday. However, if someone says a fake beauty give more confidence, the woman who married in Disneyland with Pasquella Rotella in 2011 has the answer for it. She said that a true beauty lies inside, what appears on your looks does not define someone, but just the way to help us to get what we want.

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