Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

There are many people suspect that Ian Somerhalder has got plastic surgery to keep his cool and sweet appearance. This allegation is based on how he looks recently. His appearance is a little bit different than he used to.

Even though Ian Somerhalder plastic surgery rumor has been spreading out widely and been being public consumption, the actor himself has denied that his appearance was still natural without any cosmetic surgery procedures done.

Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Ian Somerhalder Have Plastic Surgery?

Ian Joseph Somerhalder got his fame through his role as Boone Carlyle in the TV drama, Damon Salvatore. In his 35 years old, this actor still looks like 25 years old man. Looking at his unusual and unnatural appearance, some people predict that he must have got some works done for his appearance. Generally, men in his age will have some aging signs, but what we see on Ian’s appearance, it still looks fresh and flawless. Is that true if he has got some surgical procedures? Let’s see..!

judging by Ian Somerhalder before and after plastic surgery pictures, his appearance does not apparently change a lot. He still looks young with smooth and tight face skin. Here are some possible plastic surgery procedures that he might get so his appearance can look in such way.

Ian Somerhalder Before and After Plastic Surgery

Ian Somerhalder Before and After Plastic Surgery

Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery: Jaw Implant

By comparing his previous appearance and then compared with the newest ones, the actor’s face appear longer and much well defined. Whereas, he used to have bit a square facial shape. His face now looks well defined with tougher, protruding, and longer jaw. It then lead the rumor that he got jaw implant. The jaw implant makes his face look resized and cramped. If this rumor is in fact true, he should thank to his plastic surgeon for well done jaw implants.

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Even though he has got his face reshaped, but it still looks normal and natural. He does not likely go overboard with his surgery procedures. As result, we can see how cool and sweet he looks.

The former star of The Vampire Diaries may not be the only actor who reportedly got plastic surgery. There are still many other actors in Hollywood had been firstly under knife to improve and maintain their cool and youthful appearance. Let’s take a look how Robert Downey Jr look after getting plastic surgery procedures done on his appearance. He really looks younger than other men in his age. Meanwhile, Bret Michaels, a rock star, looks much younger though his age is almost 52 years old.

In short, Even though he has denied all the rumors, but many people do believe if Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery rumor is in fact right. What do you think? does he look like to get plastic surgery? You can decide by yourself through before and after photos above.!

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