Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jacqueline Bisset, 70 years old, has been working in film industry more than 40 years. As a senior actress, she of course has picked up many tips for how to appear with best look in Hollywood. However, though her age has been 70 years old, but she does not appear as an old woman. Her appearance still looks gorgeous and attractive as if her age is still 40’s. For that reason, many people believe that she has got plastic surgery to keep her youthful look.

Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures

There are many speculations regarding to Bisset’s flawless appearance. Some people agree if her youthful look is due to plastic surgery, but the fans insist that her appearance is still natural without any cosmetic surgery procedures. Which one is true?

In exclusive interview with The Today show, Jacqueline frankly told that she did not feel secure and comfortable with her appearance. Nonetheless, she insisted that she did not opt to get any plastic surgery procedures to keep her youthful appearance because it would not make her younger, but it would only make her different.

“I don’t think it makes you look younger but it only makes you different”


“You’ve got to get used to yourself, you have to face yourself,” Bisset said. “On a deep, deep level you have to face yourself and say that people love ME, the inside of me … it took me my life (to get there).”

Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery Photos

Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery Photos

Even though plastic surgery has magical appeal but she did not have any intention to get any its procedure.

“Look, I promise, none. It’s all mental. It all comes from inside. I’m not into plastic surgery because I haven’t seen it being particularly successful on people. They end up looking slightly different. I don’t want that. I believe in developing yourself, letting your life be your map.”

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But, she is also afraid of being old and her face shows some wrinkles like many other women have as it was quoted below.

“Not that I like what’s happening in my face. I can see all sorts of changes and it’s not easy to be photographed. It’s a bloody struggle, I’m telling you, trying to be what people want you to be. I like the way my face represents me. And I can tell my mental state by the bags under my eyes.”

What about using Botox injection? She strongly denied that she did not have any facial filler injection. She told though there are winkles around her face, but she preferred to age naturally and gracefully.

“I made a choice a while ago that I wanted to age gracefully and actually have my own face,’ she told hosts Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb. ‘I wanted to have all my muscles moving and I wanted to be able to play older and younger and all of the above.


‘As an actress, this is my canvas. I stay away from Botox and all these things because I need my wrinkles.’

In short, rumor of Jacqueline Bisset plastic surgery seems still to be mysterious. Even though she has openly and strongly denied the rumor, but there are many people still believe if she really has got plastic surgery. It is all because her 72-year-old appearance looks unusual and unnatural. What do you think about it?

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