Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Janet Jackson plastic surgery becomes trending topic of discussion for quite long time. It seems that almost the member of Jackson five including her and Michael reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures. She may have learned much from her brother, Michael Jackson plastic surgery. Some people think that her surgery procedure results are better than her brothers. She is still able to hold herself not to go overboard with her cosmetic surgery procedures. Nevertheless some people are still wondering what exact surgical procedures that she had.

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Janet Jackson Have Plastic Surgery?

A 48 years old, Janet Jackson, who is best known with some singles like “Nasty”, “Rhythm Nation”, “That’s the Way Love Goes”, “Together Again” and “All for You”, admitted if she has been under knife to improve her appearance and boost her confidence. What are the surgery procedures that she had got. Here are some possible plastic surgery procedures that she could have.

Janet Jackson Nose Job

The first surgery procedure addressed to her is dealing with her new nose shape. Some people consider that a rhinoplasty surgery has transformed the big and bulbous nose into smaller and more pinched at the tip. The singer used to have big nose with large and wide nasal cartilage. But, what we see on her recent nose, it looks slimmer and thinner with more pointed nasal tip. The nasal bridge getting higher too and makes her nose looks sharper  and perfect for her face features.

Janet Jackson Breast Implants Before and After

Janet Jackson Breast Implants Before and After

Janet Jackson Boob Job (Breast Implants)

The singer also admitted that she had got breast implants. She told that her boob job was carried out when she was still 25 years old. She explained that she felt uncomfortable and insecure with her breast size that looks so small for her voluptuous body. After being under knife,  Janet Jackson breast size now looks bigger than she used to.  The breast implant makes her chest looks cramped with bigger and tougher shape.

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery: Liposuction

The younger daughter of Jackson also revealed that she got liposuction. We know that she has the voluptuous body that could get fat easily. However, looking at her body which is bit slimmer than before, she indeed told the truth if she had really been under knife for liposuction to remove the excessive fat around her stomach, thigh, and arms. As result, we can see now that her body shape looks slimmer with sexier  and bigger cup size.

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Over all, Janet Jackson plastic surgery has worked well on her appearance. Nevertheless many people worry if the former of The Jacksons TV series will be addicted in plastic surgery procedures like her brother Michael did.

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