Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Katy Perry is such a controversial artist. She has been raised in religious family, which both of her parents are pastors, but she turned out to be an eccentric singer and sexy woman whereas when she was a child, she often sang gospel music. However when she was listening pop songs, she was directly attracted with that music genre. Since then she started to change a lot, not only for her habitual but her appearance also has changed. The latest news report that she has been under knife for some beauty enhancements. She reportedly got plastic surgery procedures to improve her appearance especially on her face features and cup size.

Did Katy Perry Have Plastic Surgery?

Katy Perry Breast Implants Before and After

Katy Perry Breast Implants Before and After

It is not something new if there are many public figures like actress, model, and singer reportedly got cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance as if they do not feel insecure and comfortable to what they have as well as Katy Perry. She reportedly got some works done to make her appearance look perfect. The big question is what kind of surgery procedures that she has got?

Judging by before and after photos, some people found that there many spots on her body which reflect to the result of surgery. Let’s see on her breast size. It looks bigger and fuller than she used to. Some predict that Katy has possibly got breast implants to add her cup size volume. The other spot that triggered many disputes is regarding to her new nose shape which looks thinner and more pinched at the tip. Some people who saw this change directly speculate that this sexy female singer likely got nose job to refine her nose which looks a bit wide and round nose shape. As the results, we can see on her current nose shape.

Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Before and After

Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Before and After

On the other hand, having boob job and rhinoplasty surgery apparently does not make her satisfied. Some people also notice that her lips have changed as well. They now look fuller and juicer. Hence some people predict that she possibly got lips augmentation as well to perfect her desire, having a sexy appearance. After getting some filler injected on her lips, her appearance now looks sexier. What about her smooth and tight face skin? Did Katy Parry get filler injection on her face like Botox?

Based on Katy Perry before and after photos, some plastic surgeons found that her face skin appears to be smooth and tight, and it does not look natural. Therefore they predict that she could have got Botox injection to eliminate the aging signs on her face. Botox injection itself is one of the common cosmetic surgery procedures that are mostly owned by celebrities in Hollywood. So some surgeons do believe that Katy becomes one of the listed celebrities whose Botox. How does the singer respond to those plastic surgery allegations? Does she admit all of them?

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When she was questioned by some celebrity magazine volunteers, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson strongly denied that she has been under knife as what many people talked. She told that all the parts of her body are natural without any plastic surgeons help. Nevertheless some people still insist that the singer has told lie about plastic surgery facts on her appearance.

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