Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Having a sexy and attractive appearance is everybody’s dream. That makes people wonder how former Miss USA and ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ TV show cast, Kenya Moore, achieved it. Many men idolize her body, even though she doesn’t have bright skin color.

Kenya Moore Nose Job Before and After

Kenya Moore Nose Job Before and After

Nowadays , she is being accused for doing some cosmetic surgery procedures to get her current body shape. Some of them can be proven by comparing the recent photos with the old ones, while the other is just a shocking story because there is not any evidence to prove it or it has been covered up.

Kenya Moore plastic surgery started with butt implants. In May, she tweeted that she went to Europe to get something done. People think it is related to her butt surgery. Unfortunately there was a problem with it. After doing a silicone implantation, it didn’t give best result because it didn’t get proper care. Kenya didn’t follow the instruction to make a proper sleep position after getting the butt implants because it makes her butt dent on one side.

In order to cover her dent on one side butt, every Kenya’s photo is edited by photo editor tools. So there is not any proof to show this butt accident. The next surgeries continued on her nose and lips.  Her nose tip became more defined; it indicated that she possibly got nose job to refine her nose shape. Meanwhile her lips were injected with some filler so that her deep smile line became much blunt.

Kenya Moore Butt Implants Before and After

Kenya Moore Butt Implants Before and After

Last but not least, only one plastic surgery procedure that has been admitted by Kenya, it is a fibroid removal. She said that she is closer to her dream for having a kid as she posted in her twitter account. As we know that fibroid has a chance to hold up a woman to have a kid. To prevent it, Kenya decided to take a surgery to remove it. After recovering from the surgery, she will take an in vitro treatment as soon as possible, because she wants to have kid within a half year. She said that she did not need a man to married with, but just sperm to use. She is still hiding the name of the man who will donate the sperm, but there is a list of the father candidates. Her gay best friend, Miss Lawrence, and a mysterious man she is dating are included in the list.

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  • k rodgers

    I am sorry, you are incorrect on your photos and observation with Kenya and her before/after photos.

    that is Kandi Burress-Tucker in the left photo, not Kenya

  • Edp

    That’s NOT Kenya in the before pic. Get your facts and evidence together before you post.

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