Kim Kardashian Nose Job Before And After

There is no end in talking about this Hollywood star, Kimberly Noel Kardashian or mostly known as Kim Kardashian. She is one of the most famous celebrities in the world. Everything she does will gain the public’s attention.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Born in 1980, Kim gained the first public attention with the leakage of her 2003 sex video tape with her rapper boyfriend, Ray J, on 2007. Later, she and her family started to make their own reality show called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and bring a big success. It is being aired since then until now and has several spin-offs.

As she became famous, there are many improvements on her looks. The wife of Kanye West used to have wide nose with droopy tip. But now, her nose looks narrower. The tip looks higher showing wider space between the lips and the nose than before. Her pointy nose also looks reduced, give a shorter nose look. Kim Kardashian nose job goes pretty well and makes her prettier.

Even if hers and her family daily activity become public consuming, Kim has not always openly about her beauty secret. The mother of North West still keeps silent. But looking at her significantly changing appearance has made public believe that the Kim Kardashian nose job is already done without waiting for her clarification.

One way she makes news is through her beauty which many who knew her before stardom know has been the result of plastic surgery in many areas of her body. Kim Kardashian’ nose job is one of those most known editions she made of herself. Looking at Kim Kardashian before and after her nose job reveals that she underwent the scalpel to make her look better.

Kim Kardashian Nose Job Before and After

Kim Kardashian Nose Job Before and After

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The latest controversial was her “Breaking the Internet” photo which shows her naked oily body showing her enormous butt. The photo was used as the cover of Paper magazines and become public laughing stock by turning it into memes. Public believe that every part of the actress’ body is fake and has been touched by the doctor’s knife. If we would like to talk about all of plastic surgery procedures she had, it won’t enough to read in a day. In this article, we will focus about Kim Kardashian nose job.

Was it Fame?

A look at Kim Kardashian’s nose before and after the nose job will show two almost different girls. Depending on one’s preference, they are both beautiful. However, one can argue that Kim Kardashian’s nose job took away a part of her beauty. Previously, she looked like a good natural girl with a full face. Even without the nose job, she was more natural and seemingly healthier than what she became afterward. All the same, she is still a beautiful lady to behold.

Or Being Ashamed of Herself?

Kim Kardashian’s nose seemed to be a little bit hooked although not too much as she might have thought. In fact, she seemed more of a natural beauty than the edited girl she became just for the cameras. A simple look at Kim Kardashian before and after the nose job reveals that she became more confident afterward. It could be that she was ashamed of who she had been before all the glamor and nose job. For the most part, her pictures before the nose job were those of a shy girl who could not look at the camera straight. The later Kim courageously looks at the camera in all her pictures.

Did Kim Kardashian Have a Nose Job?

Kim Kardashian Rhinoplasty Surgery

Kim Kardashian Rhinoplasty Surgery

Seeking Stardom

Kim Kardashian’s nose might be the hot topic at the moment and, while looking at what she did to it reveals an evident change, the only reason behind her action was to seek stardom. As a celebrity known for seeking all the attention she can get, Kim can do anything to draw people’s attention her way. Indeed, after having the nose job done, the phrase ‘Kim Kardashian before and after’ was among the most searched phrases on the internet. Again, she had managed to hog some more attention and made everyone look her way to know what she was up to.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Living in Denial

It may have attracted a lot of attention on the internet and the celebrity circles, but Kim Kardashian’s nose and what she did to it remains a fact she denies herself. Kim Kardashian’s nose job, although clear as day, has been something she casually brushes off and calls rumors. Once, when asked about the differences in her looks, she said that she agrees that her nose looked smaller now but does not recall having had a nose job. Well, it is akin to agreeing that your smaller brother looks bigger, but deny that he has not grown. What else can reduce a nose if not a nose job?

Setting the Pace

As a celebrity known for antics more than any other skills in her life, Kim knows what it takes to remain relevant even without being cast in a blockbuster movie or releasing a top tune for us to dance to. Kim Kardashian’s nose job (besides her other surgeries) have been seen as the way to getting ahead in Hollywood and other top life social circles. Many celebrities (and those who want to be celebrities too) have seen the act of getting plastic surgery done to their bodies as the norm or, to some, a necessity to get ahead.


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