Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Born Kimberley Noel Kardashian, Kim Kardashian (or simply Kim K) is one of the celebrities who make news with any chance she gets.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

There are not many people who became a celebrity along with the whole of the family, even have their own television show. Kim Kadarshian and her family are starring their own television show, ‘Keeping Up with the Kadarshian’, which is recording their daily life 24/7. Like any other celebrities, being in such limelight demands Kim to maintain her appearance and shows only her best to public. She has been accused to have had some plastic surgery. By comparing the old photo of her in the beginning of her career with the recent ones, can be enough evidence to proof that there are some enhancement on her face and body part. Some procedures such as rhinoplasty, cheek implant, Botox, breast implant, liposuction, and butt implant are believed to be done by her.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Kim Kardashian Have Plastic Surgery?

The nose appearance on the wife of rapper Kanye West looks thinner and slimmer than before. It triggers the allegation of rhinoplasty surgery. Her cheeks also look full, either the result of putting implant in it or the effect of skillful make up. Her skin face looks ageless without any wrinkle and line. Kim has admitted that she has done Botox to get her current look. Even if it looks a bit frozen and artificial but it does not ruin her Armenian American faces.

Kim Kardashian Breast Implants Before and After

Kim Kardashian Breast Implants Before and After

Kim also alleged to have had breast implant. Her bust became overly big and does not look natural. It does not suit with her 50 pound loss of weight, which is the effect of a liposuction. Kim has denied the procedure and stated that it the result of her low-carb diet. She also denied the butt implant and even proved it on one episode of her show that there is not any implant on her butt under the x ray.

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Kim Kardashian Butt Implant Before and After

Kim Kardashian Butt Implant Before and After


Many people regret her journeys under the knife. The star is already beautiful and does not need any plastic procedure. They also regret Kim’s decision to just admit the Botox procedure and deny the rest. She even tried to fool the public with scanning her butt in front many people in her show. She might be forgotten that natural implant would not be appeared on the x ray scanner.

The Start of a New Dawn in Beauty

If the pictures of Kim Kardashian’s before and after looks do not convince one that plastic surgery has taken off, one needs to look at what the rest of the industry is doing with very young celebrities going for plastic surgery to find new looks they think will fit them better. Even Kim’s own sister Khloe has gone for plastic surgery on various parts of her body including expanding her backside like her sister Kim has done.

A New Thriving Beauty Industry

What Kim Kardashian has done to her body may have made her curvier and more appealing; it compares little to what other celebrities have done to their bodies in the past. Kim has been lucky that today’s plastic surgeons have perfected their skills so much that surgeries are safe and do not lead to deaths and deformities like it was in the past. Her good fortunes also serve her well given that she can afford the best surgeons in the industry compared to other people who have poorer financial statuses.

Keeping it Safe

Lots of stories on the web serve both as inspirations but (mostly) as cautionary tales to people who think that going for plastic surgery will make them look better and thus live a happier life. The cases of Jocelyn Wildenstein and Pete Burns have for a while now been used as cautions against going for certain types of surgeries. Although plastic surgeons have greatly improved their skills in terms of the safety and levels of perfection, the surgery still has many risks which require a lot of research to avoid the disasters which have occurred in the past. So much for beauty.

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