Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

There are many people are lately talking about Lana Del Rey plastic surgery. It is all regarding to her appearance which looks so different. Looking at her appearance change, some people speculate if the changes on her appearance is the effect of plastic surgery.

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery rumor is recently gracing the cover of celebrity magazines. She reportedly got some works done so her appearance now looks so different than she used to.

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Lana Del Rey Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging by before and after pictures, the American singer-songwriter indeed has some changes on her appearance especially on her lips and nose shape. Does it mean that she has lips surgery and nose job? it can be true. Well, in order to find the exact and the right information, keep on reading.

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery: Lip Filler Injection

Plumped and fuller are the first impression when we see Del Rey’s lips. Whereas, her lips previously looks mediocre and nothing special on her lips. However, it now has changed to be juicy, more plumped, and fuller. Looking at her unusual lips appearance, many people predict if the singer must have got lips filler injection to add the volume of her lips. The collagen filler probably was injected into her lip so that her lips can look in such way.

Lana Del Rey Lips Filler Injection Before and After

Lana Del Rey Lips Filler Injection Before and After

Lana Del Rey Nose Job

The other her face features that indicate as the result of plastic surgery is on her nose shape which looks thinner and much better defined than she used to. Some people wonder if such nose change is made through a rhinoplasty surgery. What people predicted seems to be reasonable because her previous nose shape looked a bit large and wide with rounded at the tip.

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The nose job has changed her previous nose that looks wide and round. It also has made her nostril looks a bit cramped. It strengthens the speculation if she has really been under knife for nose job.

Lana Del Rey Nose Job Before and After

Lana Del Rey Nose Job Before and After

Well, if Lana Del Rey really got plastic surgery, there are many people regret what she had done. They think that she has been blessed with beautiful and good genes so she does not need any surgical procedures done to improve her appearance. Moreover her age is still young, so the worse thing can happen to her as the effect of plastic surgery.

But it has to be noted that she is not the only young woman who reportedly got some works done on her nose and lips. There are many other young celebrities who are also reported to have been under knife. Let’s see how Jessica Alba and Korean actress, Shin Se Kyung, look after getting plastic surgery. Both of them likely got a lot of advantages from their surgery procedures.

When she was confirmed by some journalists to make some statements regarding to the spreading rumor, Lana just stays mum. She did not give any statement to the rumor. Nevertheless it does not reduce public suspicion if she has really got some cosmetic surgery procedures done.

Over all, The winner of Q Award may still keep silent regarding to the rumor, but many people have their own view and perspective based on before and after pictures comparison. They think that Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery rumor is in fact true.

  • Carol

    Her nose was horrible and her upper lips were small… I would have done the same. She looks terrific now.

  • Edna

    The before picture just looks bad because of the lighting… That picture was taken in like 2014 or 15 and the after picture was taken in like 2013. Yes she has had a nose job but her nose certainly did not look like that. Yes she did get lip injections, but it’s her face and she can do what she wants. She looks nautical anyways so it’s not like it was a surgery gone wrong

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