Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Looking better and younger in every moment is every woman dream, moreover their age has reached 50 years old. They will do everything to keep her sexy and attractive appearance even though they have to take out much money. Lauren Holly, the actress who rise to stardom when portraying Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart in the TV series Picket Fences, has been rumored has plastic surgery for long time ago.  This allegation is based on her appearance which still looks fresh and free from aging signs though her age is no longer young, 50 years old. Her face still remains toned and flawless with amazing body shape too. Looking at her younger appearance makes some people believed that she has had put herself under the knife and needle to eliminate the aging signs.

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Lauren Holly Have Plastic Surgery?

Though she never clearly admitted the rumor, Lauren Holly apparently lets people wonder and speculate whether she has really been under knife or not. here are some possibilities of cosmetic surgery procedures that she might get. Check this out.!

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

The Botox injection is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures that almost celebrity got. and what we see on Lauren’s appearance, she likely has face skin that indicates as the result of plastic surgery procedures like Botox. As the result, her face indeed looks so tight and smooth as if it is hard to find frown lines on her face.  The use of Botox injection also makes her forehead looks bit lifted up.

Lauren Holly Breast Implants Before and After

Lauren Holly Breast Implants Before and After

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery: Breast Implants

Besides Botox injection, Lauren was also rumored to have got breast implant to add her breast volume and keep it tight and round.  Let’s see on her current cup size, it still looks stunning and amazing. It is almost impossible for other women in her age to have such breast size if they do not have some works done. Her breast looks the same as like when she was young.  It still plumped, rounded, and amazing which gives her stunning look.

In short, although she has not clarified the rumor yet, but some people do believe if the Picket Fences star has been under knife for Botox injection and breast implants. nevertheless, we do not want to hide our appreciation for her successful plastic surgery. Although her age is no longer young, but she can still look younger than her real age.

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