Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgery does not seem to be always dominated by Hollywood actresses, but other worldwide celebrities have tried their lucky in getting some cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance their appearance, as well as North Korea actress, Lee Hyori. She reportedly got some works done for her current appearance. Lee Hyori plastic surgery rumor is firstly spreading out widely since some people found her with so fantastic appearance whereas her age is no longer young. Moreover there are so many before and after photos uploaded on internet that more strengthen the rumor.

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Lee Hyori Have Plastic Surgery?

The changing of someone appearance is a common thing. But it will be different case if it happens in unnatural way and instantly as it was experienced by Korean idol, Lee Hyori. She reportedly has been under knife for some changes on her appearance especially on her nose area and breast size. Both of those parts of body have been much well defined than she used to. Looking at her drastic appearance change makes some people do believe if she has indeed got plastic surgery procedures. The big question is what kind of surgery procedures that she has got. Let’s see one by one.

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery: Nose job

The first cosmetic surgery allegation is spotted on her nose shape. It now looks sharper and more pointed than before. Based on unnatural change on her nose, some people predict that  Hyori might get nose job so that her nose looks much well defined today. It has to be noted that Lee Hyori’s nose previously looks bulbous and less sharp with wide cartilage. But after getting rhinoplasty surgery, her nose looks better.

Lee Hyori Breast Implants Before and After

Lee Hyori Breast Implants Before and After

Lee Hyori Boob Job (Breast Augmentation)

The other surgery procedures that Lee Hyori might get is breast implants. This allegation is based on her new cup size which looks bigger and fuller than before. It has to be remembered that she used to has very small and  flatted cup size. It left so many spaces on her chest. But today Lee Hyori has been transformed to  a sexy woman with protruding chest area. Her breast looks a little bigger, rounder, and tougher shape.

Even though Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery rumor has been spreading out widely and become public consumption, there have  no been any clarifications and comments from the former of Fin.K.L member. She just stays mum with the rumor. Nevertheless before and after photos comparison have showed that she indeed has got some plastic surgery procedures done on her nose and bust area.

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In short, Lee Hyori is not the only Korean celebrities who were reported to have plastic surgery. There are many actresses and actors from Korea reportedly have some works done too to enhance their appearance. They are Yoon Eun Hye, Park Bom, and many others.

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