Park Si Yeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Park Si Yeon plastic surgery lately becomes hot topic of discussion among Asian plastic surgery watchers. Some people say if the former of Miss Korea looks much different after gaining her fame. However, their allegation seems to be strongly denied by a lot of her fans. Many of her fans believe that the Yeon’s appearance is still natural without any plastic surgery procedures done.

Park Si Yeon Nose Job Before and After

Park Si Yeon Nose Job Before and After

Did Park Si Yeon Have Plastic Surgery?

The rumor of Park Si Yeon plastic surgery is firstly arising to the surface since some people notice her appearance which looks much different than she used to. Moreover, there are plenty of before and after photos uploaded on the internet make them more believe if she has indeed had some works done for her appearance.

Nevertheless most of people are still wondering about the procedures of Park Si Yeon plastic surgery. Some people believe if she has got nose job, but not a few of Asian plastic surgery viewers think that she does not only have a rhinoplasty surgery, but she also possibly has gotten Korean Eye Plastic Surgery like many Korean actresses do.

Judging by the comparison between Park Si Yeon before and after photos, this actress did apparently have some beauty enhancements especially on her nose and eyes. We predict that she indeed has got a rhinoplasty surgery and double eyelid surgery.

Well, in order to make the rumors clear, let’s take a look some reviews below. However, we do not forget to remind if the following review is all based on the comparison between before and after pictures, so everything can be true or wrong.

Park Si Yeon Nose Job

There are a lot of Korean celebrities reportedly got a rhinoplasty surgery to make the shape of their nose thinner and better than they had in previous years. If we look at the recent shape of Park Si Yeon’s nose, we see that her nose has indeed changed better than before. It looks strangely high and unnatural as if the nasal bridge has been narrowed by plastic surgeon. It is almost different to the shape of her previous years nose which looks a bit wide and does not straight forward.

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Looking at the improvement of Yeon’s nose, we believe if the rumor of  Park Si Yeon nose job is in fact a true. It has to be noted that it is almost impossible for other women with wide and round nose shape can turn into the women with thinner and straight forward nose shape if they do not have a rhinoplasty surgery.

Park Si Yeon Blepharoplasty Surgery

The other cosmetic surgery which Park might get is double eyelid surgery. This allegation can be seen from the recent shape of her eyes which looks a bit wide opened as if both of her eyes appears like western eyes.

Park Si Yeon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Park Si Yeon Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is not secret anymore if most of Korean celebrities have small eyes. Some people guess if Park Si Yeon does not feel comfortable and insecure with her small eyes, therefore she decided to get Blepharoplasty surgery to reshape her eyes. As result, we can see on her eyes today.

Looking at so many Korean celebrities who reportedly get plastic surgery procedures, we guess that Park may not only have nose job and double eyelid surgery, but we see that she also possibly get other surgical procedures like Botox and other filler injection around her face. The allegation is based on how her face skin appears. It looks so smooth with wrinkle-free, whereas her age is no longer young, 36 years old.

The gossip of Park Si Yeon plastic surgery will apparently become hot topic of discussion for long time because the actress of The Slingshot film has never given any statements whether she admitted nor denied the rumor. She even just stays mum with the rumor.

In short, Park’s fans may deny if she has been under knife, but based on the comparison between before and after pictures, a lot of people do believe if the hearsay of Park Si Yeon plastic surgery is truly a fact.

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