Permanent Non Surgical Nose Job

It is natural that every people especially women want to look beautiful and perfect. That is why cosmetic business is so promising, such as make up. A woman can change her looks by just using the polish of make up. Now, the cosmetic technology has been improvised including cosmetic surgery, which can give permanent look than casual make up. One of the most common cosmetic surgeries is nose job or rhinoplasthy.

Rhinoplasthy is such plastic surgery procedure to correct and reconstruct the nose form through a surgery. The procedure can be terrifying and it will recover in long time, mostly for weeks. People start to look for another way to avoid these fears in and they start consider non surgical nose job.

Permanent Non Surgical Nose Job Pictures

Permanent Non Surgical Nose Job Pictures

Non surgical nose job is different than regular nose job or rhinoplasthy. It is less expensive and does not need to do through a surgery, but only injecting some filler into the nose.

Many plastic surgeon says that this is such a new technique and very safe to do. This technique is compatible to alter the nose shape, symmetries the nose, make short tipped nose higher, and smoothen the bump on the nose bridge. The procedure can be done in a day and only need 2-3 days to a complete recovery.

Non Surgical Nose Job Risks

Even if non surgical nose job is more advantageous in the cost, need less time for the nose to heal, and does not need a surgery, there are still some risks behind the procedure.

Permanent Non Surgical Nose Job Photos

Permanent Non Surgical Nose Job Photos

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Actually there are not any filler that has been approved by FDA, but the plastic surgeon will use Radiesse, Juvederm, Artefill, and hyaluronic acids. Even if they are such dermal filler, you need to be careful to inject them into you nose.

Your nose is different than other skin in your body. Your nose is sensitive and if you do inappropriate injection, it will easy to change its color, swell, numb, get pain, and other possible complications.

The filler should not be injected in your nose tip since it is the most sensitive area and vulnerable to get complication. The safe area to be injected is the bridge.

Non surgical nose job also cannot reduce the size of your nose, either the width or the length. If you have ever wanted to do a non surgical nose job, you still need to consult with the expert first. You can find the best treatment to your nose by looking at the digital image of your nose with your doctor.

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