Priyanka Chopra Nose Job Before and After

Priyanka Chopra nose job may be as a continuation of some plastic surgery procedures she had done before. Keep in mind that before the rumor of a rhinoplasty surgery spreading, she has been rumored to do breast augmentation , face lift, and lips filler injection. Did Priyanka Chopra really have nose job? Let’s see plastic surgeons’ review below!

Priyanka Chopra Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Priyanka Chopra Rhinoplasty Surgery

Priyanka Chopra Rhinoplasty Surgery

Judging by before and after photos, her nose indeed looks a little bit different than she used to be. However, I cannot define whether it was as the result of a rhinoplasty surgery or not.

According to many plastic surgeons, the former of Femina Miss India World and Miss World titles seems indeed to have nose job. This can be evidenced by a change in the shape of her nose. According to them, the shape of Priyanka Chopra’s nose previously seen somewhat rounded, wide, big, and not well defined. However, lately the nose looks thinner, more beautiful and much more defined. Looking at her nose transformation, they believe that she had got a well-done rhinoplasty surgery because its change is very subtle.

Priyanka Chopra Nose Job Before and After

Priyanka Chopra Nose Job Before and After

When the rumor of nose job was confirmed to the Indian film actress, she strongly denied that she had been under knife for a rhinoplasty surgery.

“So far, I have never felt the need for any enhancement surgery. What I have is what I have been blessed with. People had a lot of issues about the fact that I was dusky and not a conventional-looking heroine. But I still got the opportunities I did,”


“I am not against plastic surgery. If it helps build self-esteem, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. But if it becomes an obsession, that can be a problem. For me, I got confidence from my films doing well. Through this profession, I came to understand myself better. So, it hurts when people judge or crucify me on imaginary counts. I have looked different at different ages because I have worked on my look. I love myself the way I am,”

Although she has denied all allegations of plastic surgery, but this does not mean to make the haters believe in her statement. Their allegations are based on her appearance that looks very much different than previous years.

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In short, regardless of whether she had really been under knife or not. But in fact, her appearance now looks much more different, especially her nose, and her appearance now looks more beautiful than she used to be.

What do you have in mind? Did Priyanka Chopra really have a nose job?

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