Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Steve Martin plastic surgery rumor seems to tarnish his career achievements. He reportedly got some cosmetic surgical procedures to keep his youthful appearance in his 69 years old age. However, the truth of this rumor is still debatable among his fans and many plastic surgery surgeons.

There are many disputes regarding to whether Steve Martin has been under knife or not. For those who believe if his appearance is still natural is based on his career as comedian. There is an old saying that humorist people will have long life and fresh appearance. The old saying is based on how they treat their life through having natural laugh. But some people argue that aging signs must appear on their appearance as the process of aging though they are comedian. Nobody knows whether he has really got plastic surgery or not because the comedian himself has not given any statement regarding to the rumor addressed to him.

Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Steve Martin Have Plastic Surgery?

The speculation of Steve Martin plastic surgery actually has been spreading since long time ago. The rumor is based on his appearance that always looks flawless and fresh though is age is almost 70 years old.

Generally, 70 years old men will show some aging signs like wrinkles and other saggy skin around their face. But what we see on Martin’s face, it still looks fresh, smooth, and tight. Therefore some people predict that the comedian could have plastic surgery procedures even though it is just one surgery procedure.

Well, if he really got plastic surgery, the big question is what kind of surgical procedures that he had got. Here are the possible answers for Steve Martin plastic surgery procedures.

Steve Martin Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

Judging by before and after photos, the comedian might get at least Botox injection as it was done by Ian Somerhalder. It can be proven from his facial skin which looks so smooth and free from wrinkles. Whereas, his age is no longer young, 70 years old.

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Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Face

Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Face

The use of filler injection on the face can prevent and eliminate the visible frown lines on the face. As result face skin will look fresh, smooth, and flawless. Let’s see how Steve Martin’s face skin, it looks so smooth especially. His forehead also appears to be a bit elevated.

Steve Martin Plastic Surgery: Facelift

The other plastic surgery allegation addressed to him is facelift surgery. The allegation can be proven through his face skin which does not only look smooth, but it also looks tight and toned.

Facelift surgery itself is aimed to pull the saggy skin around the face in order to make face skin look tight. However, it has to be noted that this plastic surgery face can make the patients do not have laugh lines because the skin is too pulled out. Consequently, face skin will appear to be a bit frozen.

If we look carefully at his face, he also does not have any hanging eyes bag upper and under his eyes. But we can not define if it is the result of eyelid surgery. We just say, it may be the effect of facelift surgery.

Overall, the writer of Picasso at the Lapin Agile indeed still looks young and energetic. He does not appear to be an old man though his age is almost 70 years old. Some people predict and believe that Steve Martin plastic surgery has important role for his flawless appearance in his old age.

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