Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery | Suzy Bae Pictures Before and After

Suzy Bae plastic surgery rumors might have been annoying the actress because a lot of viewers seem never stop talking about the speculation whether she had a cosmetic surgery or not.

Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery Pictures

It is not denied anymore that the former star of  KBS2 TV series Dream High has been blessed with beautiful face. Even, she was was deemed as one of the most beautiful South Korean actress ever.

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However, recently some sources like celebrity magazine in Korea claimed that her beauty is not natural, but she was helped by a plastic surgeon to enhance her appearance as what we can see now. Did Suzy Bae have a plastic surgery?

Well, before answering the question whether the rumors of Suzy Bae plastic surgery are true or not, let’s see the comparison between before and after pictures below!

Suzy Bae Pictures Before and After

We believe that there are many viewers have done extensive research to know whether the speculations of  Suzy Bae plastic surgery are true or not by uncovering older pictures then comparing with the recent one. Here are some before and after pictures which are claimed as the evidence if Bae Su-ji has had some procedures of cosmetic surgery done.

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Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery Before and After

Can you see the difference? Yes, Suzy Bae’s nose looks different each other, before and after. Some her fans may claim that her nose has been looking nice since her debut career. It means that her nose shape is natural without rhinoplasty.

However, some viewers see that her nose has changed a bit smaller and more projected than before. They believe that it was as the result of nose job. What about your reviews?

Besides nose job, Suzy Bae was also rumored having double eyelid surgery too as what has been done by other Korean celebrities.

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Judging by before and after pictures, her eyes now appear wide opened than Suzy Bae pre debut. Look at the pictures below!

Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelid Surgery

Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelid Surgery

Look at her eyes closely! In the “before” photo, her eyes still appear small, but in the “after” picture, she appears with wide eyes. Is it the effect of makeup or camera? A lot of viewers believe that she indeed has been under knife to widen and to improve the shape of her eyes.

Well, the big question is “what is Suzy Bae’s response” toward the spreading speculations? Did she admit them or denied them like what Korean stars often did?

In press conference of the new film Invincible Youth Season 2, Miss A’s Suzy was asked by some journalists about the rumors of plastic surgery, she openly admitted that she had a plastic surgery done. However, she did not clearly say what kind of beauty surgery she had done.

“I got a cosmetic procedure on one of my body parts, after a fellow celebrity recommended it. But after the surgery, it looked pretty obvious that I got it, so I lost a lot of my confidence.” Suzy followed up by saying, “I also touched (with plastic surgery) the same part of my body. But it should get better soon.” She also said she has an “appearance complex,” saying, “I have a lot of thin hair, and my ugly forehead is a big problem.”

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In short, plastic surgery is socially acceptable in South Korea. Even a reputable source claimed that 40% of Koreans have ever been under knife. So, Suzy Bae plastic surgery may not be the only one, there are still many Korean celebrity plastic surgeries which are still unconfirmed.

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