Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tina Louise plastic surgery is considered as the main cause for her weird appearance. Looking at her appearance, many plastic surgeons believe that she must have plastic surgery procedures done excessively so that her appearance looks horrible.

Even though many people claimed that Tina Louise plastic surgery had gone wrong, but not a few of them are still wondering with what type of plastic surgery procedures which she had, so that she can look so horrible.

Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Procedures

Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by before and after pictures, she might get excessive beauty surgeries such as facelift and Botox injection. This allegation can be seen from Tina’s facial skin which indeed looks so tight and smooth. Though her face does not have plenty of aging signs, but her face appears a little bit swollen. It may be caused by too much facial filler injection.

Plastic surgery indeed becomes one of the most preferred beauty surgeries by 80-year-old actresses. There are many old actresses reportedly get face lift surgery which is usually combined with facial filler injection to get rid of the wrinkles and sagging skin around their face in order to gain the youthful appearance.

Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

And what we can see from Tina Louise plastic surgery experience, she might be afraid of getting old therefore she decided to get some cosmetic surgery procedures to keep her beautiful and sexy looks. But unfortunately, what she did for her appearance seems to be excessively done, as result, her appearance now looks bad after plastic surgery.

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What is the Response of Tina Louise?

When she was confirmed by some journalists to give the statement regarding her awful appearance. She openly admitted that plastic surgery almost ruined her appearance. She told that she felt very regret to get some surgery procedures because her appearance does not look better after plastic surgery, but she even looks worse.

Tina Louise plastic surgery is not the only cosmetic surgery for patients tragic ending. There are many celebrities who reportedly got extreme plastic surgery. One of them is Burt Reynolds. His appearance looks awful after being under knife.

In short, Tina Louise plastic surgery may give us a lot of valuable lessons that cosmetic surgery does not always give beautiful result, but it also will be like a boomerang for our appearance as what has been experienced by Tina Louise and Burt Reynolds.

  • Esther

    I don’t know anyone at 80+ who looks as good as Tina does. This is an unflattering photo of her in her 80s. She has the body of an in-shape 18 year old in that it’s slim, and she stands erect. Whoever did her surgery did a GREAT job. And Tina helps it, too, by taking care of herself.
    One of the most tell-all aging signs that many surgery candidates overlook is the earlobes. If you’re having all that work done, be sure to also crop and re-shape those sagging earlobes, people! The earlobes and nose grow larger (on most of us) as we age.

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