Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Everyone agrees that Tyra Banks is a talented woman. But, not all people know how she maintains and enhances her beautiful and sexy appearance. It may not be so important for men to know her beauty secret, but for women it seems to be inspiring thing for them to know what the secret of her beauty is.

Tyra Banks Before and After Plastic Surgery

Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery Before and After

Latest news says that this talented woman reportedly got some plastic surgery procedures done. Some sources claim that the procedures of Tyra Banks plastic surgery include boob job and nose job or a rhinoplasty surgery. Is that true? Let’s see.!

Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery: Boob Job or Breast Augmentation

Tyra Banks Boob Jobs

Tyra Banks Boob Job Before and After

Judging by before and after pictures, Tyra Banks breast size has really turned into bigger and rounder. Many plastic surgeons claim that it is as the result of breast implants or boob job even though she herself strongly denied all plastic surgery allegations addressed to her.

The rumor of Tyra Banks boob job was firstly began spreading since she was at her first season of The Tyra Banks Show in which she appeared with bigger and rounder cup size. Since then, many people began to speculate if the hostess has been under knife for boob job.

Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery: Nose Job or Rhinoplasty Surgery

The other part of her body that was believed undergoes changing is her nose. The Tyra’s nose now looks a little bit different than she used to. Look at the before picture, her nose looks a bit big and wide. On the contrary, in the after picture you can see that the shape of her nose now looks much more narrowed and defined along the nasal bridge, and it is significantly less rounded at the tip.

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Tyra Banks Nose

Tyra Banks Nose Job Before and After

There are many people, who see the change on her nose, speculate if the actress who was born on December 4, 1973 has got nose job or a rhinoplasty surgery. And again, she strongly denied that her nose was enhanced through plastic surgery, nose job. She ensured that what she had is still natural without any plastic surgeon’s help.

In short, whatever she said does not seem to make public believe if her appearance is still natural without plastic surgery. Many people think that she may deny all surgical procedures, but before and after pictures show different facts.

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