Vivian Hsu Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Vivian Hsu Plastic Surgery is still adorning many celebrity magazines cover in Asia. She reportedly got some works done to help her to enhance her appearance and to boost her confidence. Is that true?

Actress Vivian Hsu is considered as one of the most beautiful actresses in Taiwan. But, some people are now suing her natural beauty since there is a rumor saying that she had been under knife to keep her youthful appearance.

Vivian Hsu Plastic Surgery Face

Vivian Hsu Plastic Surgery Face

Did Vivian Hsu Have Plastic Surgery?

Vivian Hsu is best known as a singer, actress, and mode. She got her fame since she won the “Talented Beautiful Girl” contest which was held by Taiwan’s CTS in 1990. Afterwards her celebrity career has been growing fast. As result, there are many offers to act in various movies.

There are many people are amazed by her beauty. Even some people include her to be one of the most beautiful actresses in Taiwan. Since she got her fame in entertainment industry, her personal life became public consumption. So it is no wonder if many people always pay attention every parts of her, as well as her beauty.

When her age is almost 40 years old, some people begin to wonder how she can keep her gorgeous look. She does not appear to age, but she always looks young. Therefore some people predict that she could have some cosmetic surgery procedures so she can look so stunning though her age is no longer young. Well, if she really got plastic surgery procedures done, what kind of surgical procedures did she have? Here are some possible answers.

Vivian Hsu Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

Botox injection becomes the first plastic surgery procedure that she might get. It can be proven through her face skin which looks so smooth with no a lot of wrinkles. Commonly, 39 years old women will have some aging signs on their face as the natural process of aging. But what we see on her face, it really looks awesome. Therefore, we think that Vivian Hsu Plastic Surgery is truly a fact.

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Vivian Hsu Plastic Surgery Before and After

Vivian Hsu Plastic Surgery Before and After

Vivian Hsu Plastic Surgery: Eyelid Surgery

Like many other Asian celebrities, 2PM Junsu, Vivian also reportedly got blepharoplasty surgery to make her eyes look wider than she used to. As result, we can see her eyes now, it looks a bit wide opened than before as if she lost her Mongolian race.

The eyelid surgery actually does not only make the eyes looks wide opened, but it also gives another benefit. It can help the people to remove or eliminate the saggy skin under and upper the eyes so that the eyes will always look fresh. Well, if we look Vivian’s eyes, it looks a bit wide opened and fresher than other women in her age. It indicates that she really got Blepharoplasty surgery.

When she was confirmed by some volunteers of celebrity magazines, she openly denied that she had been under knife for her youthful appearance. She convinced that her appearance was still natural with no any plastic surgery procedures done. She told that she felt very uncomfortable with the rumor. Nevertheless some people still insist that she does have some works done and her clarification is only to hide her plastic surgery facts.

Over all, the former star of  The Knot film might deny all the rumors, However, judging by before and after photos, some people do believe if Vivian Hsu Plastic Surgery rumor is in fact true.

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