Will Smith Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Will Smith Plastic Surgery began being talked by a lot of people since some people notice something unusual on his appearance. Therefore some people begin to wonder if the famous actor has got plastic surgery. This allegation was exactly spreading out widely when he and his son, Jaden, became cover of After Earth promo posters in which he is almost unrecognizable.

Will Smith After Earth Poster

Will Smith After Earth Poster

However this rumor is directly responded by his fans. They argue if someone finds him with different appearance in his recent film posters, it may be caused by his film crew’s creativity in using Photoshop. Nevertheless his fans have ensured if Will Smith does not have any cosmetic surgery procedures done, but some people are still wondering about the truth of Will Smith plastic surgery rumor.

Did Will Smith Have Plastic Surgery?

It is not something new anymore if many Hollywood celebrities reportedly got some works done to keep their flawless appearance. It is not only experienced by actresses, but actors also have tendency to do it. Let’s see how a famous actor, Sylvester Stallone, keeps his cool appearance. Therefore, some people still insist if Will Smith has got plastic surgery.

Well, if Will Smith has really been under knife like many people suppose to, the big question is what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures he got? And what kinds of plastic surgery signs do appear on his appearance? Let’s find out his surgery signs below.

Will Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After

Will Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by the before and after pictures, we guess that he might have some works done though it was a little plastic surgery to keep his appearance always look as attractive as like he was young. We found something unnatural in his 46 years old age appearance. He has not changed a lot. His appearance still looks like he was young. Whereas, there are many other 40 years old men have some wrinkles on their face as the part of the aging process.

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Will Smith and Plastic Surgery

Based on the comparison between Will Smith before and after plastic surgery pictures supported with how other men in his age look, we guess that he could have a little plastic surgery like Botox or other filler injection. It is almost impossible for other 40 years old men to have smooth and flawless face skin if they do not have at least Botox injection.

On the other hand, if we look backward, the husband of Jada Koren Pinkettis used to have an ear pinning. But if we look at his recent appearance, his ear pinning seems to disappear. This make us and some people do believe if Will Smith plastic surgery rumor is in fact true. He might get otoplasty to refine his ear pinning.

Will Smith Plastic Surgery Ears

Will Smith Plastic Surgery Ears

Will Smith plastic surgery ears may be unusual surgery procedures for Hollywood celebrities. But if we look carefully at his appearance between previous years with the recent ones, he indeed has different ears shape.

Even though Will Smith plastic surgery rumor has been being discussed by a lot of people over years, but there are not any statements from the actor. He still keeps silent whenever he is questioned by some journalist regarding to the possibilities for him to get cosmetic surgery.

What do you think about Will’s flawless appearance? Does the star of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues film look like to get plastic surgery or age naturally? Then what do you think about his disappear ear pinning? Does he look like to get otoplasty? Feel free to share your thoughts here..!

  • Candice

    When my dad was in his early 50s a lot of people mistook him for a 25 year old and I can assure you that he never had cosmetic surgery. I don’t know whether Will Smith had any but judging whether it’s likely someone has had surgery or not by comparing their lack of aging to other people doesn’t work unless you compare them to their own blood relatives and/or people with a similar lifestyle and diet.

  • FanceeFlower

    My mother is 54 and doesn’t have a single wrinkle on her face. People often think we are sisters (she is 20 years older than I). We are African American and most black people just don’t age as quickly as other races. So, I doubt Will Smith has had any significant treatments. I have a white friend who has a black husband. They are the same age but he looks at least a decade younger than she. Will is aging naturally and normally for a black man.

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