Won Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After

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Won Bin Plastic Surgery adds to the list of Korean celebrities who get plastic surgery to improve their appearance and it is possible to boost their confidence as well.

There are many Korean celebrities reportedly get some plastic surgery procedures because they feel that they are not comfortable enough and insecure with their Asian look like having small eyes, wide and small nose.

Today, many Asian celebrity watchers are talking about Won Bin plastic surgery. He reportedly got at least one procedure of plastic surgery on his face feature, eyes, even though its sign is very subtle.

Won Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Won Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Won Bin Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging from the comparison between Won Bin before and after pictures, this handsome actor’s appearance does not change a lot except his eyes.

Looking at Won Bin’s eyes in “after” picture then comparing to “before” photo, his eyes looks a little bit wider that before. It can be an indication if he may get Korean Eye Plastic Surgery.

Won Bin Plastic Surgery remnds us of Jang Geun Suk plastic surgery. He was also reported having an eyelid surgery to make his eyes wider and prettier.

Won Bin After Eyelid Surgery

Won Bin After Eyelid Surgery

Did Won Bin admit the alleagtion? Since his name became hot news in several magazines due to plastic surgery, the actor has not given any official statement whether he has really undergone eyelid surgery or not. He still keeps his beauty secrets tightly.

In short, Though the actor of television drama, Autumn in My Heart, has not clarified the rumor yet, but some people do believe if the rumor of Won Bin plastic surgery is in fact true. What about you? Do you believe if he has had plastic surgery? Feel free to share your reviews and comments here!


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